ped a corner.

  Room door did not shut tight, horizontal land stood there, we saw the land Kamei.
  She stood quietly, leaning over slightly, as if talking to Gu Sheng Industry.
  ”Dad, I’m Kamei.”
  ”do you know?Lu cross he is in fact your son.”
  Cushing industry moved his eyelids seemed to struggle.
  Lu Jia Mei laughed, she reached out, pulled out blankly Cushing industry oxygen pipe.
  A man raised an eyebrow lazily turned away.
  Lu Jia Mei looked at Cushing industry struggled, pale and washed out purple, like an old bellows.
  Suddenly, she knelt 杭州夜网论坛down, straining rang the bell of the bed.
  Then his face, wet with tears oozed from between the fingers.
  Nurses, doctors, and into a pro.
  Fighting for one night, barely save a life.
  Already at.
  Only one ward bedside lamp.
  Lu cross around his beloved treasures asleep.
  Su opened his eyes hard rain.
  She was a red-eyes, stare out the window.
  Peach tree voluptuous figure standing there, swaying in the wind.
  Su rain cautiously pushed the man, sitting up.
  Lying under the bed raised three small only head.
  Su Amid a finger, against the mouth, “Hush.”
  She put on her coat, opened the door and went out.
  Wen Hong nephrite lost arms.
  Lu suddenly cross eyes, wounds wander.
  Ward was empty.
  The man took out his mobile phone to start.
  ”Hey, Lu cross.”
  Soft girl’s voice coming from inside.
  ”Where the hell are you?What Xiapao?”
  ”I Su.”
  ”Do not move alone.”
  A man wearing a gown, out of the hospital.
  Su has burned half, big night, those who are also not in the pack.
  When the cross-Lu, dawn previews.
  The little girl did not know to how long, are looking for something with a small shovel.
  Shouting and around Meng Meng also push lightly with c北京夜网laws.
  Lu go cross limping past, aggressive, like where a fire had just come out from inside the patient.
  Girl guilty to indulge.
  ”Su rain, you fucking head up.”
  Amid the Soviet Union immediately looked up, almost to a waist.
  Funny man grabbed her neck and back, like a cat have t


  Ye Yan Zhi Ma his heart, but his face was still bring a smile.


  Ye Qin Leng Heng, cold Suosuo to sweep in a circle, then bend over to pick up the first to leave Jiang Rou.


him let go then, now and then she likes to fruition seniors.


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