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銆€銆€璧佃I definitely took my father waiting in the walk around the village, so that those who look at my jokes, I also have a father!”
  Benji looked at Zhang Yuyu do not know what to say.
  He did not know this seemingly heartless man, and my heart even possession of so many thing.
  ”Over the years, my father’s grave what I did not cry, my mother said I was heartless, in fact, I believe it refuses to yo father is dead.”Zhang Yuyu sighed, and went on:” Later, married to you, do no深圳桑拿网t get married the next day I took you to my father’s grave yet?Do you remember this child right.”
  Benji Of course I remember, on that day early in the morning, eat a meal Yu Yu took him to his grave to go to the Father of the Bride.
  He initially thought it was lijiacun customs, now listen to Yu Yu say, it does not seem to.
  ”I do not know Zezheng, all of a sudden wanted to open, like a fierce will be able to accept my father had died of this child.”Zhang Yuyu says it all now feel that they have some strange.
  How would suddenly be able to accept it?
  ”I do not know Editor’s Note children, I am also very strange, after you get married anyway and I like waking up, like, and then do not want that my father can not come back that thing up.Day was too much at ease than before.”Zhang Yuyu Now think about it before the children feel t广州桑拿hat they are not the magic of the disease, how can because those who criticize their own children in the village will be able to deceive so many years two?If not and Danlei Cheng pro, she still unexamined unclear how long can suddenly realized?
  ”Benji, I married you and I can be satisfied, and really, I do not know Zeyang, good enough for you, but can I really like you, the first time I saw you when I rare you, are n北京桑拿ot you happy


  Ye Yan Zhi Ma his heart, but his face was still bring a smile.


  Ye Qin Leng Heng, cold Suosuo to sweep in a circle, then bend over to pick up the first to leave Jiang Rou.


ped a corner.


him let go then, now and then she likes to fruition seniors.