the prince, also in vain was born in the royal game.”

  Han said the heavy look is not false, the king sigh eyes as agreed with the color, but still look Stern said: “dare not say so, this non-entropy Wang Fei long, could not hope!”
  Han heavy upon her left sleeve, casually authentic: “weekend just vulgar swordsman, as long as there are battles with soldiers available to play, in fact, no matter who the host Prince does not matter.”
  The king’s eyes lit up, but then re-Han said: “But let weekend allegiance to the emperor’s only one person, who is a natural phase of His Majesty, the minister will follow.Wh杭州桑拿洗浴ether or not a misunderstanding, not His Majesty’s command, if the princes want from me here, then, is not afraid of!”
  Under overcast king face, he sneered: “So speaking, Fu Huang were not fancy me, or else you would not say so.”He chasing asked,” Who is it, was the third, or Seven?”
  Han laugh the next weight, stationery grabbed the table, stood up and said: “prince on when the weekend wanton, leave the!”
  Words are said on this, the king too busy to detain a guest, hurriedly sent out of the government re-Han.
  When he returned to the study, including long waiting staff.On the other aides had just next door, authorities on both sides, is put in the ears to listen to the conversation.
  The king sat down and said: “You said what he said, but really.”
  Staff hesitation: “Yongning Hou should not need to lie to us, he said, only 北京体验网one loyal to His Majesty, so stick to remain neutral, not each Xiangbang.”
  The king Yin Cece authentic: “Wrong, as well as the father of the chosen people, this is he wants to help people!”
  Aides said: “That the emperor who selected?”
  The king face unlucky authentic: “Look at him, is undoubtedly the Seven!”
  Staff praised: “The princes, it seems that this move is not wrong.You see, now but initially at marriage, Wing Ning Hou who revealed the secret of the Holy optimistic, compared to seven princes, the princes anyway relationship closer, pr


  Ye Yan Zhi Ma his heart, but his face was still bring a smile.


  Ye Qin Leng Heng, cold Suosuo to sweep in a circle, then bend over to pick up the first to leave Jiang Rou.


ped a corner.


him let go then, now and then she likes to fruition seniors.