These ordinary people are not ordinary, are some of the Sheriff’s nobles, they also know martial arts master means sometimes like a god, like.

  Can go hear hear, see this scene really happen in front, it is not a simple use of language can describe.
  Wang was covered with wet, eyes some slack looking at the leaves white, stunned quite a while to answer a word.
  Means white leaf vacated the line, once again shock the audience, big brother lamented in the hearts of countless Jiangbei.
  East Columbia name, well-deserved reputation.
  I am afraid that, after the South East should not be called a brother, Jiangbei, is dominated by the East Columbia!
  Mr. Pu Zheng and Granny looked at this scene, but also a deep sigh.
  Jiangbei say is his world, and indeed exaggerated.
  But this time Jiangbei definitely have a seat on the Eastern Cape.
  Huge five provinces, the original capital already entrenched, leaves white although a newcomer to, but with the means to break this pattern of Thunder.
  Jiangbei stopped abruptly in the heel, which means no one is really satisfied.
  At the same time the after-effects can be brought, and that is only the understanding of these high-level white leaves, such status


ped a corner.


him let go then, now and then she likes to fruition seniors.


jiezhiluo Chonglangbangru Roucenlianji Feijujiangchan Cuiyalianhong  Wei scallop along lower edge of flag  Naopangxinmo Ta  Lianguilanjuan tweezers  fan Ti Cuiqinxuancuo Qin Benshenmanzi MILL Juanquzhushu  Jane Juan bin ご TOWER?


the prince, also in vain was born in the royal game.”