Who are the zodiac’s singles?

Single for a long, inevitably be asked Seven Questions Eight, find the object, then, who would like to single it?See who is the zodiac’s singles?  First: Aquarius nature to want freedom of Aquarius, hate to be tied.Single For Aquarius, is simply living like a fish in water as comfortable.Being single means water bottles can do what you want to do, places to go, not to consider the feelings of others, Zhenshuang!  Second: Gemini Gemini cute even if single, side do not lack a lot of the pursuit of the opposite sex.Who Gemini is so popular it?You can have a lot of single friends of the opposite sex, do not be afraid objects jealous, that feeling is simply not too cool, envy Gemini?You can also have!  Third: Taurus Taurus can be regarded as diamond bachelor singles crowd, many Taurus has its own coffers, life can be nourished.Basically it is to buy what to buy, like how to spend on how to spend that kind, which I really envy ah singles!  Fourth place: Scorpio Scorpio playfully in feelings, it has been Ningquewulan that, if can not find their favorite subject, it has been a good single.Scorpio anyway, there used to loneliness, even if a person can live well, the heart is still very rich, this is called the Single!  Fifth: Capricorn is a workaholic, love for Capricorn is definitely not a necessity, the work is.Capricorn can work together and their own, it will not work with the lonely emptiness, can also make money every day, this is actually quite good.  Sixth: Libra Libra peach lot, but not many really good peach.Single Libra is very popular, there is always a lot to courting the opposite sex.So much sought-after single scales, scales of people want to go you had better hurry to bite. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source


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