Susan Miller Leo one week horoscope (12.5-12.11)

2016 only less than a month, they must look at the master’s horoscope Susan Susan Miller Leo one week (12.5-12.11) it!(Due to time zone, Chinese readers can add 15 hours after the date of reference.) You will pay more attention to love children and creative projects, because the sun and Saturn will be consistency in your fifth house of love and entertainment together.You may get engaged, to adventure travel, and children together to make decisions about school, sports, our universities, or to convert a hobby into a business, especially in Jupiter added December 9.The sun will be sent to Uranus on December 11 powerful light, helping you to make some drastic changes, expand your horizons.When you have doubts, you should trust your instincts.Mars will bring energy to your partner relationship sector, so it is best to let others do the guide.Saturn’s influence will warn you not to rest too much.


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