12 constellation girls who are Mensao lady

Mensao, this word neither good nor bad, a rare right, like Virgo girls, ladies usually seem almost cute, but in fact have very belly black Mensao.  Of course, the girls twelve constellations, the constellation is also a considerable part Mensao type of lady.We together look.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  First: Gemini girls, a bunch of weird bad idea, albeit not a lady, but definitely cute little Lolita.They look innocent and pure, but inwardly extremely evil, if who do not care to mess with her, it is absolutely so go die, they have non-integer when you are not at peace.  Gemini girls actually revenge is not strong, they just want to give too fun a boring life, have fun nothing more, nothing sourness.  Second: Virgo Virgo girl that is absolutely seriousness lady.Seemingly forever like the noble lily flowers are generally quiet, even the breath is pure lady, but who knows how deep down belly black Mensao it?  Forever seriousness, in fact, sometimes the bones are very curious active, just like in the winter a fire, burning his heart.  Virgo pursuit of perfection in all things, we must do our best, even if it is pure temperament, can not lose to someone else.Of course, there are scheming to attack the black belly psychological.  Third: Libra Libra girls that absolutely everyone’s eyes lady recognized it.An elegant demeanor is called, does not look like they might Mensao belly black, or fiery heart.  They are good at with a lady mask to face possible a virtuous Shukutoku, they really gave people a very gentle lady illusion.In fact, they is boiling inside excitable woman claws.  No matter what time they can be the most elegant side show to all the people.  Fourth place: Scorpio woman vivid such as rabbits, static if the child’s personality, even hiding in the corner, it is hard to ignore.Tough and uncompromising personality, but also very aggressive, has a strong ability to live independently, giving a refined look and a strong woman.  They are ladies, and generally do not get angry easily or care about you, if you offend them, they still smiled tell you it does not matter, but how thought, how do behind it is another matter.  They are typical of belly black lady, sometimes gentle, sometimes pungent, sometimes charming, sometimes pure.But good at hiding their emotions.  Fifth: Capricorn behaved girls from an early age, the more traditional ideas, work to comply with duty, is the 12 constellations of the most good people, caring responsible for your sake, do not complain do not complain, good girl, the surface appears to be an absolute lady.  But it is to have everything too seriously, and most of the Capricorn woman gives the impression of a serious and pay attention to discipline.In fact, they are a black belly lady, the best Do not joke with a Capricorn woman, especially one o’clock slightly joke personal attacks.She is likely to face at the spot plate, so you embarrassment.To let you know that you are wrong in this form of.


These ordinary people are not ordinary, are some of the Sheriff’s nobles, they also know martial arts master means sometimes like a god, like.



Let Su Yuan ruin, and how other people will be no reason for her, in the final analysis, it is Huo Zhihui own cause, she ended up today is the fate of her only themselves to blame, when he was the brother of the then angry, there is no reason to go back to revenge.


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