Grossly Su rivers and mountains seventy-six

The girl Chou Chou Chuang army, surprise turn to joy, laughed: “You have this big meter eighty, rest assured.”Be a little familiar, they introduced themselves to each other to do, she called Linger, Lanzhou City suburbs who currently work in the area of Lanzhou City, the first time by plane.Zhuang Jun asked: “Linger?Literally What do you mean ah?”Linger baffling and said:” Do not know ah!”Zhuang army:” The sound of jade and jade collisions, very sweet.”Linger another surprise:” is it?I got a good name alas.”With regards to the gentle sound of the radio, the interval aisle stood four girls, uniforms dresses, makeup Fenlian uniform, uniform amount of hair gel, a unified cross the lower abdomen before hand gestures, unified bowing etiquette.After broadcasting the sound changed the subject, calmly introduce safety devices, calmly explain to escape method, in which a flight attendant smiling doing the simulation action, although she calm water, but the military can not help but scared village, off the electronic device to carry, more my mind is a restless.Through the small window in the front row square, Zhuang Jun see “landline” pause in the end of the runway to take off, the engine was still roaring, just a few minutes, the engine sound increased, body instant acceleration, low road controls rapid retreat, Zhuang Jun reckoned to be more than three hundred kilometers per hour EMU, the only Benz three to five meters, slowly raised his head, the body becomes low after the former high, off the ground.    Zhuang military feel inclined planes on the flight for some time, and then leveled off some, and then on the diagonal, and then leveled off, he was down on the ground, building construction gradually reduced, leaving only slowly river reflection of sunlight, of course, is the Yellow River, to be the aircraft entered the clouds, over the clouds, was on the ground even gone.Escalating process, the flight attendants door had to hide their seat belts, the military village that everyone seems to be holding their breath, and sometimes the ears of the tympanic membrane bulging, he hastened to open his mouth in order to eliminate the pressure inside the eardrum.    After the plane made a smooth flight, should go to eight km altitude, the military once again through the village thirty centimeters long, and the breadth twenty centimeters shade looked out the window, actually saw a sea, the sea of clouds do!Billowing white clouds, such as tidal seawater, changing the hazy figure, twisting waist charming, colorful style of interpretation.When the military first saw the sea village, had a kind of fear to fall beyond redemption, and now faced with a sea of clouds, complex and produces anxiety, actually had hallucinations struggling in the clouds, he quickly recovered eyes.    Uniformed flight attendants who dresses coming out, this is the room, in pairs, pushing the dining car, of course, first class start, fast food on the dining car, in the hands of the military assigned to the village of rice or twenty-two, Pork twelve kidney beans, egg size of a cake, a bag of mustard, spiced peanuts bag, another dining car with a drink, there is water, cola, coffee, Sprite, juice, etc..Meal lasted twenty minutes, to recover the flight attendants door garbage.    Linger calm the mood, to the spirits, her identity locals, Zhuang Jun introduction to Lanzhou.Lanzhou is located in the northwest of China, known as the capital of the Yellow River, Lanzhou Jincheng, a total area of thirteen thousand square kilometers, jurisdiction Chengguan, Seven Mile Creek, West solid, stable, ancient red zone and five Yuzhong, Yongdeng, three Gaolan County, the urban hills north and south, east-west through the city and the Yellow River, the city is characterized ribbon basin, located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the Yellow River crossing is the only downtown, but after the capital city.Lanzhou city flower is the rose, the city tree is the Sophora japonica.Many ethnic minorities, other than the Han, Hui people many.Lanzhou city visual identity, both Chinese calligraphy charm, full of modern flavor, constitute the basic shape of “blue” word.Three strokes were using blue, yellow, and green, representing the sky, Yellow and green spaces, and symbolizes the harmony of heaven, earth, people, which represents the Yellow River yellow center, Lanzhou two mountains (south of Gaolan Hill northern Kyushu mountains) sandwiched by a river landscape unrestrained freehand.    But Linger limited knowledge of Lanzhou culture, speak not coherent, not few words changed the subject: “You see my face acne, sick of people, one after another.”Zhuang army turned, fruit see on Linger white skinned, upper and lower lips dotted with many small red lump, it seems Linger very conscious about their looks, she said:” Oh rest, tired, the more.You see, it is not so red?”She did not answer and other military village, he said:” Much better now, much of it a few days before.”Zhuang Jun quipped:” You scrub, handsome, shapely, contentment.”Linger a little frown:” Oh, my big mouth, you look carefully.”She deliberately flat mouth, then grin, melancholy and said:” Look, approaching the ears child.”And the amount of his thigh hand, muttered:” too thick.”In fact, it seems the military in the village, Linger be very slim, she is still not satisfied, was about to persuade a few words, but also determined to Linger said:” I want to climb Wuquanshan, exercise, weight loss!”Hanging down the side of the cabin top thirty centimeters long square screen plays in the foreign skit, perhaps ethnic differences, Zhuang Jun can not see any fun, then stumbled nap, and even the occasional airplane turbulence caused by the air flow are unaware of the.Suddenly he heard the broadcast and said: “After about half an hour, the plane arrived Lanzhou Airport, the aircraft is beginning to decline, turn off electronic equipment, fasten your seat belts.”Zhuang army suddenly woke up, really feel the body in parallel – fall – parallel – drop him through the window shade, gradually saw what was on the ground, suddenly, under the fuselage thump a few, aircraft taxiing on the on the runway, on both sides of the windshield wing bulging distended.Again the radio: “The plane is taxiing, please fasten your seat belts.”Aircraft getting slower and slower and eventually stopped.    Compared with the Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Lanzhou Airport, morphologically similar smaller scale, with Zhuang Jun Linger spent thirty yuan each ride on the airport bus to Lanzhou city, about 70 kilometers journey, let Barbara Zhuang Jun first taste of the so-called Loess Plateau.Yellow Earth by the gullies composed abound, the slope is not too high, one hundred meters from top to bottom; the ditch is not deep, ten meters; the slope is less oblique, fifty or sixty degrees, are the yellow one, little green plant, not to mention trees, weeds is also independent solitary larvae.Paving the way to the bus on the highway in the trench Benz, often loess side slope, presumably to prevent landslides, a stone 56 meters high in some places covered with mesh; the other side is the sink, but no water, occasionally blowing whirlwind, loess will be flying up.You can still see the overpass across the gully, this loose yellow earth, can play a solid foundation piers, Zhuang Jun sigh.Since then, the village has been the military Yuzhong county towns, where land is barren loess slope under microscopic crops, simple clothing from the people they see, living in poverty, members of the public had led the children asked Zhuang army: “to the city to see a doctor, fifty dollars enough of it?” ‘Yellow River Bridge is up,’ cried beside Linger.


These ordinary people are not ordinary, are some of the Sheriff’s nobles, they also know martial arts master means sometimes like a god, like.



Let Su Yuan ruin, and how other people will be no reason for her, in the final analysis, it is Huo Zhihui own cause, she ended up today is the fate of her only themselves to blame, when he was the brother of the then angry, there is no reason to go back to revenge.


Who are the zodiac’s singles?