Love is like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua

Love is like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua a light whisper words of love, write a love painting.Love flowers bloom in one place, covered with a gray tile.Drink a cup of tea, a bowl of green sand with research.Roll up their side of the veil, to see the horizon crescent.Love is like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua.Xu love like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua.I love love, to go along with the feeling of the heart.Because, some fate is to meet, it is used to recall some emotion.Before faltering, leaving only empty I hate.People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in the dim lights.Searching, a big crowd, look for a somebody bends is a scarce happiness.After all, too much love, too much time is like a dream alienation.Wake up, which will finish at the.The other side knows no boundaries, bustling three thousand, thousand years of reincarnation, who will describe my prime eyebrow, point cinnabar, watery warmth; Who will light pull my black hair, sigh alone by the window, quiet silk tempting.Bustling three thousand years, and you meet, the graceful beauty bloom season.At that moment, time seems to freeze to become permanent.In this way, it is good.In a big crowd, meet people who want to meet in the vast sea, he gets want he gets hand, people do not ask end of the piece and everything.At this moment, so bearing in mind each other, do not weep farewell, do not appeal the final War.what is love?Love is a glass of wine.Spicy burst of the entrance, then turned into a hundred thousand turn back the melancholy, helpless and chaotic, is not a good feeling in their hearts; love is bitter-sweet cup of coffee.The bitter, sweet with a trace of.Each in taste, only know yourself; love is magic, poison.People indulge them, continue to fall.Like moths to a flame can not be controlled, unable to extricate themselves.However, love is not possession.Sometimes, love can really only be a person of love, as long as a far back, as long as the touch of a look back, a smile or a sweet, enough to make a person’s end of time.Elegance is a mean quicksand, old is a Love.A turn around, look back once, Chanafanghua, fragrant memories of a lifetime.Some people say, memories of the bridge, the more memory, the more intense sadness.Love is the lonely prison, the heart deeply prisoners trapped in a cage of memory, you can not redeem.Does not last forever, only care to have.My world, you had been there, enough.Love is crazy, I do not love to be strong.In this world, there is always a person teach you how to love.Even if he does not love you.There may be a man, you’ve been waiting for.But he has long had you forgotten.Maybe you just look at the passing scenery of passengers, it has become a timeless landscape of others.Love is like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua.Meet thousands of miles in the sea, a throbbing heart, a soul of ownership.That time friend Xiangxi, even turn around, also regrets.Lu likes of “Reproduction”: red crisp hand, Huang Teng wine, the city walls of the palace Spring Liu.Wind evil, joy feeling thin, melancholy cup, a few years away from the cable.wrong!wrong!wrong!Spring, such as old people thin air.Tears slip down the red raw silk through the shark.Peach down, leisure pool Court.Although in Union Hill, Kam book difficult to care.Mo!Mo!Mo.It is moved by the love story behind the poem.Poet Chanafanghua do given the woman a man named Tang Wan.Who said she had left?In each poet every night, that Qiao had been there all stare woman.In each of the memory is painful to me, have they ever Erbinsimo, badly to be together figure.Life and death, does not consider, since the memorable.Perhaps this is the most painful melancholy poet’s life, but is it not the happiest of his pain too?If you can start all over again, I believe that the poet will be: the world do not ask, do not ask from the War, do not care.Only willing to spend with them, the first white leave, even if nothing exciting, nor regret.Who’s Who planted the bottom of my heart sad, let alone feel dejected; who will bury Acacia, form a wisp of melancholy.Chanafanghua, love and hate from the War, entangled in the time.End of the World have exhausted the corner, only Acacia endless place.Love, your love.If one day, when you are gray-haired, recalling past.You will be deeply grateful, grateful for in your life, there was a he, you are deeply loved.Love, love.Why fear Chanafanghua.Even if only a lifetime memories, do not want to miss the most beautiful encounter.Love is like ink blue and white, why fear Chanafanghua.Text / cherry cold water


These ordinary people are not ordinary, are some of the Sheriff’s nobles, they also know martial arts master means sometimes like a god, like.



Let Su Yuan ruin, and how other people will be no reason for her, in the final analysis, it is Huo Zhihui own cause, she ended up today is the fate of her only themselves to blame, when he was the brother of the then angry, there is no reason to go back to revenge.


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