Wipe coal

The most simple and simple life is naturally inseparable from the daily necessities, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea. And all this is always closely connected with fire. Only after the baptism and edification of fire can the day be imbued with the taste of happiness.. Primitive man made a qualitative leap in the quality of life because he learned to use fire. In the countryside, with a handful of firewood, you can cook with fire and boil tea with water. But if you want to keep warm, especially in winter, you need coal to keep the room clean and warm.. However, in times of poverty, it is also an extravagant hope to use coal. Only a brazier can be used to warm the fire in winter, with firewood burning on it and smoke burning all over the house.. When life improves, we start using coal. Of course, lump coal is expensive and not used or used less, mainly during the New Year or when the weather is extremely cold. Sometimes guests come from home, which is a kind of enjoyment or etiquette.. For the rest of the long winter, the stove was burning coal. However, although coal blocks and lump coal are only expressions that reverse the order, they are actually two concepts closely related to economic ability and so on.     Lump coal is naturally formed, but the lump coal is artificially processed and made. Of course, this rough machining procedure is still simple, mainly involving effort. In addition to flour coal, raw materials also need yellow cement and water. Face coal is the name of our image, because that kind of coal is powder and is called according to the characteristics of flour.. Yellow daub is a kind of clay, very sticky. If you mix the flour coal with the clay according to a certain proportion and mix it with water, you can wipe the coal pieces..     Although we are full of soil, yellow daub is not much, just mixed in the soil, and it is deep in the earth, preferably where there is a cliff. Cut a hole from below and slowly cut it from the inside. A shovel and a shovel are naturally more abundant.. If you’re near the house, carry it back with a carrier, if you’re farther away, you’ll have to pull it with a rack cart.. More than 20 miles away from our village, the yellow daub of good quality is famous. If you have time to pull a few cars, it is much better than the local one.. Noodle coal was produced twenty or thirty miles away. At that time, there were many small coal kilns, and coal miners took out their wares and crawled like earthworms in small dark coal kilns. They risked their lives with baskets and often heard about safety accidents, which made people tremble with fear. However, in the era of widespread poverty, this kind of cheap labor was also forced to make helpless choices, and people were accustomed to small coal kilns accidents, always taking chances with luck, and no one stopped and managed them.. Small coal kilns are usually in the mountains. It is difficult to walk along the winding and rugged mountain road. When pulling coal, you can’t be greedy. If you are greedy and have a flat tire, you will be in trouble.. The glue for mending the tire can be bought, and the pump can not be bought by many people.. However, these can be regarded as local flour coals, which burn with a lot of smoke. It is better to mix some coal from large coal kilns in other places. If you do not say so, there will be less smoke.. There are also special coal dealers who will deliver the goods to the door..     When everything is ready, small pieces of flour coal will be picked out and used as lump coal.. Then, according to a certain proportion of coal and clay, it was mixed well. I remember when we were young, we used to wipe coal, mostly in a ratio of seven to three, that is, seven shovel coal and three shovel soil, which were mixed evenly all the time and pulled open to form a circular waterlogged pool, and then poured water into it. That was also a certain proportion. There was too much water and it was not easy to wipe it out.. The water is too little to condense well. Of course, this kind of just right is not measured by containers. It all depends on the feeling in the hands and eyes. A person who is full of expectation and love for life, that kind of feeling is often the right thing to do and the right thing to do..     After pouring in water, we have to wait for a while to let the water seep slowly and make the collodion pimples soft, without leaving dry pimples, otherwise it will affect the quality of coal briquettes and even cause waste due to insufficient combustion.. After soaking, like mud, stir repeatedly with a shovel. In order to fully integrate and exert the best effect of cement, shovel it with a shovel and pour it on the ground sprinkled with coal ash, so that it will not stick to the ground and carry mud skin.. This three transgressions of five times, coal and cement you have me and you have me, already can’t tell who is who, like the same color. In fact, a lot of farm work, but also pay attention to the temperature, the temperature, is the accumulation of life experience. Imagine, without this accumulation, what a mess life would be like.     The yard or the wheat yard had long been sprinkled with coal ash according to the scale of the coal, and father took a float, carried a basin of water and squatted on the ground. We shovel coal slime with a shovel and transported it to the ground and poured it on the coal ash. Father leveled it three times five divided by two and it was as smooth as a mirror.. The feet kept moving, and several of us were carrying them, but we couldn’t keep up with our father’s speed.. In a hurry, the slime was scattered all over the ground. Father told us to shovel it and mix it into the slime heap when we returned, without causing waste.. As he watched his father’s area of polished coal grow larger and larger, he would get up, pick up his spear and row Tian Zige on it, thus cutting it into pieces of coal.. We watched our father just cut at random, but the coal was nearly four square and four square and even in size and itchy in our hearts. We also wanted to give it a try and pick up the spear, but we always did not listen to everything. The cut coal was crooked and ugly.. His father had to be leveled and cut again, and he would never dare to be brave again.. In fact, when you wipe coal, you also try to wipe it. The float in your hand is always so heavy and uneven for a long time.. When father smears coal, he will dip some water in the float for a while, or the float will be difficult and difficult to do.. The elements and combinations of life are so wonderful, seemingly simple, yet intriguing, that if you want to bake a good fire, you will need water. If you want to do a good job in coal, you should also mix in soil. Everything is under the control of’ temperature’.     When the coal is dried up, it will be moved into the kitchen against the wall and neatly packed to form a wall.. Adults are yard walls, coaxing children to hold coal blocks, and they also compete with each other. They are so hard that if they can’t hold five or six blocks, they will hold three or four blocks, earning a full head of sweat and enjoying themselves.. Looking at the yard full of coal blocks forming a wall, our simple warmth and happiness will have a solid support, and our hearts will be warm, and the long winter heating and cooking will also have a landing.. In recent years, there has been no need for coal stoves. The boiled water and food cooked by electric appliances always feel a lack of flavor. This seemingly more and more clean and convenient life makes people feel uneasy and too fragile to touch it. It seems that a touch will be scarred.. Therefore, I miss the coal smearing at that time. Although dirty, though tired, it was so solid and heavy..


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