A team of people behind him, are all nursing homes retainers, all of them holding sticks, jealous like to blood, heard a tumult: “grand commandant House today, it will have to give a深圳桑拿网n explanation.”
  Dongfeng cold swept Morohito depending on the week and slowly roll up its sleeves: “I wanted to say what?”
  Su dumping climbing window frames, eyebrows frowned.Small world.After the prime minister should have died in two days, the next feast hands, but now.
  Door “Lang bang” sound people broke, heat waves rolling in, she turned away, back close to the window frame, the thought is southerly, but can come in a few Mother, who is the official Yan Palace gown.
  That led on the older she knew, it was the wet nurse of King, tough physique, serve the king on the side of the trunk, and out in front of her palace, always seen.
  Her sharp eyes swept the Soviet Union pour face her from head to foot, as if testing the same article, the last job of the ceremony: “Hou chair on the outside, please Su Hui Gong Shang ins广州桑拿网trument with slaves.”
  Su dumping looked at her, not yet open lips, she winked back, and come in two look unfamiliar Mother, put up either side of her arm, the Titanic, clenched her bones to fold up, without any explanation to her out of the door.
  ”stop!”Southerly hand took a long stick, the head next to Mother’s skirts,” do not let go.”
  Yu is not westerly, northerly go out did not return, Dongfeng everywhere at once, Yu southerly catch a glimpse of the back door sedan stopped a look unfamiliar, skimming stature, begins at the forecourt to this.
  Sleeve grabbing wet nurse line for a ceremony, but it is cold tone: “Xiao Ye also requested Xinggefangpian.”
  ”Convenience?”Southerly Yu said,” We get people from the hospital, when we really grand commandant government to come and go at will?”
  Mouguang lengli wet nurse: “Su北京夜网 Shang instrument to your house guest, long time no return, chaotic palace rules, I’ll wait for life on the Feng Wang, special instrument to pick Su Hui Gong Shang.”
  Pour a southerly looked Su Su pour dark eyes looked at him calmly: “This is my wif


  Two of them as, Heng-yu long-sleeved light waving a smile, stature disappeared in place.


  ”I believe it will be.”


  Put the song chorus music score to keep Wu Yan广州桑拿网 Shen Lu before printing with the lyrics down, Shen Lu saw on the stage a few times, worried about their next card.