The security people are turned away, in the end the majority are adults, and the scene is still very good control.
  Lanxi not say a word, he is to sing their own songs.
  ”Sure you are, finally appeared, we just called face to face, my heart just smashes the whole entire world to collapse.”
  Her simple accompaniment, the opening did not deliberately carving, feelings are expressed even like this song was so surging, but in the end be able to singer in “I am a music man” on fire, so that adaptation, in such night, people seemed to be able to sing the apex up.
  Edgar looked at Li Qin Yue, Li Qin Yue nothing tune with wine expressionless, his eyes not to look at the stage, ears did not seem to listen to the stage.
  Edgar smiled and said: “all” die die in your hands, “what you do not represent the point?”
  ”Ok?”Li Qin Yue swept her,” I can not get over the head to kill ah, kill to go to prison.”
  Edgar knocked at the hands of the glass: “This thing really is to emphasize first come first served.”
  ”This is not a problem first come first served.”Li Qin Yue to Edgar front Cou Cou, looked at her eyes,” I do not know you do not understand, this is a human problem, is not that person,


  Two of them as, Heng-yu long-sleeved light waving a smile, stature disappeared in place.


  ”I believe it will be.”


  Put the song chorus music score to keep Wu Yan广州桑拿网 Shen Lu before printing with the lyrics down, Shen Lu saw on the stage a few times, worried about their next card.