Shandong small nanny Chuang Japan, playing mahjong annual salary of $ 250,000

Small nanny born girl from Shandong Qin Ruili has loved playing mahjong.That year, she took out all the savings work earned 30,000 yuan to Macau mahjong gambling, lost his shirt.When she was desperate to go to the beach jump into the sea to commit suicide, he found that gambling gambled away several companies leaves sister is attempted suicide, she saved her.She later fired repeatedly East tour Japan with the help of Sister leaf!Her obsession with gambling almost suicidal 25-year old Qinrui Li, born in rural Shandong Province Caoxian.Locals playing mahjong has become a trend, she grew monasteries, five-year-old learned to play mahjong.After graduating from junior high school, she went to the county nanny, is still a soft spot for mahjong.She should not criticize the owner with their own children to watch other people play mahjong, she murmured: I have not any fight, I will not look?The babysitter is not free!Because of her stubborn, the second year of the lord fried squid her.In 2005, Qin Ruili south to Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Luohu District, a nanny after the company applicants, were sent to serve elderly couple who nearly seventy years.This job particularly difficult, because the grandfather serious illness paralyzed in bed, she was giving him both feeding given medicines, but also brought him feces down the urine; and grandmother, but since then have been freed, go out and play mahjong every day afternoon, Qin Ruili from supermarket to buy food back and found forgot his keys, went to area clubs parlors looking grandmother.Foul-mouthed grandmother was positive with a straight face, it is clearly losing money.Qin Ruili stood watching a few after-hours, and even then pointing grandmother of three.At this time, other people said angrily: small nanny, do not speak out of turn, you have the ability to fight!Grandmother very smart, they excuse to send food back home, let Qin Ruili play a few disks change of luck.After half an hour, when the back grandmother, grandmother Qinrui Li not only lose costs have won back, but also earned 100 yuan.Since then, the grandmother of Qin Ruili admiration, often have to pick her soil.See yourself actually win a thousand dollars a month, she began looking for an excuse to visit the nearby community of mahjong.The end of 2005, the grandmother’s son and daughter knew her excuse to go out to buy food mahjong afterwards, she immediately dismissed.Qin Ruili regret, vowed to insulation and mahjong.Unexpectedly, in February 2006, his wife, who lives in Shenzhen, Macau businessman Liao Jia (a pseudonym) heard that she will play mahjong, even named Cheng with her and give her a permit to run a company in nanny, took her to Macau the home with a bunch of Kuotai Tai playing mahjong gambling.Qin Ruili began dare serve, Liao Jia slipped her 20,000 yuan to take the initiative, said: When you hit the Shenzhen small mahjong, win or lose on me!Qin Ruili fear of being fired again, had to bet up gingerly did not think that she even helped Liao Jia won 60,000 yuan.Qin Ruili naive to think: I often win money for Liao Jia, looks like it will play mahjong is my greatest strengths.If you can win in Macau hundreds of thousands go back, I would not have a babysitter!Unexpectedly, when she brought it out hard work earned 30,000 yuan savings dedicated to mahjong gambling, only to lose our shirts!She repentant, ready to commit suicide.When Qin Ruili desperate to jump into the sea to commit suicide Macao beach and found a middle-aged woman lying on the grass moaning.Closer inspection found that the woman attempted suicide, wrist blood is flowing!She cried out immediately the police, and later rushed to the emergency personnel with emergency will the woman to the hospital, but also stay in the hospital escort.After the rescue, the woman committed suicide out of danger.She told Qin Ruili, leaves his last name, used to have several companies, and later because of gambling gambled away the family property, she Macau this time to borrow money to, had wanted to win back their money, who knows he lost $ 250,000.Qin Ruili more deeply felt the dangers of gambling, she thought, gambling really kill people, ah!Going transformation!She is going to Japan Mahjong sparring Qin Ruili sister and leaves romantic ways, I vowed never to bet.But Sister leaves suddenly remembered something, and said: If I pull the following sub, already go to Japan.In fact, regular athletic career playing mahjong gambling is not just a game, is also a color of it without gambling!You have done nanny, and he likes to play mahjong, can go to Japan when the ‘Mahjong sparring’.Qin Ruili asked incredulously: play mahjong is formal vocational?Kidding?Sister Ye said: You saved my life, which I amusing you?Japan has a lot of Mahjong Association, a perennial football league like the same Mahjong, Mahjong not only sparring, but also professional mahjong players.Professional mahjong players to take the annual salary and bonus, annual salary of up to 100,000 to 250,000 US dollars it!Suddenly, Qin Ruili stared, did not expect to play mahjong is actually a decent career!She immediately find out how to go to Japan when sparring Mahjong.Ye sister told her: When I used to go to Japan to do business, met a professional mahjong players Zhongyuan Clara, you can find her.Japan Japan needs to guarantee local people, please call Sister Ye Zhongyuan Clara to come forward and help Qinrui Li finally go through the exit formalities.After mid-May 2006, Ghost Clara prepaid ticket money and part of the cost of living, Qin Ruili final hand came to the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, Japan.Zhongyuan Clara there are many Japanese Chinese friends, she and Qin Ruili exchange is not a problem.However, Japan’s competitive mahjong rules and Chinese folk style of play there is a huge difference, Qin Ruili is not suited to the beginning, I asked her side Zhongyuan Clara caregiver, learn to do mahjong while sparring, a monthly salary of 150,000 yen ( equivalent to more than 10,000 yuan).Zhongyuan Clara did not expect, intelligent Qin Ruili soon find out the rules of competitive mahjong Japan, skills rising, three months after the confrontation may Zhongyuan Clara at the mahjong table.Qin Ruili ambitious, determined to become a professional mahjong players, while not completely change their destiny by relying on gambling skills!Qin Ruili intentions every day, but she soon discovered: Ghost Clara learn and when she retained a lot of skills and tactics.Then she managed to overcome Ghost Clara, Clara resorted to force the Ghost stunt and it stolen Xue Daoshou.In October 2006, Ghost Clara specially invited two good friendship pros to learn from her home.Qin Ruili actually accidentally they were defeated 3!Since then, Qin Ruili found Zhongyuan Clara reluctant to hire her..Then she remembered before Japan, Sister Ye had to remind her to the Japanese professional mahjong players when private players but generally will not last long, because once they find your level can compete with, beware you will know ourselves later in the game often you will promptly fired again substitutions December the same year, Qin Ruili submitted his resignation to Zhongyuan Clara, she immediately said yes really.But still smart Qinrui Li and her good relations with her family rented a rental.Then, Qin Ruili under her guarantee, recruited to do sparring Banqiao village beauty brand, the basic salary of 80,000 yen bonus by performance.Zhuang brand form of mahjong with China is almost, but not the same mode of operation: the equivalent of sparring member of staff, every customer come in, there will be three beautiful women to accompany you play mahjong and costs 600 yen per hour; playing mahjong not allow cash transactions but by points; after the end of the board, by integrating four individuals from high to low order, beyond integral part of the base can receive the corresponding bonus on a few days classes, Qin Ruili found in the village when mahjong card sparring is not easy, just arrived , but also migrant workers, she is often to be marginalized workers, and even a few Japanese colleagues to unite the old thousand bullied her.In this regard, she does not care, even if wronged bleeding heart, she was bear down – because someone else just to make a living as a professional sparring, and she has already started to use it as a career, secretly professional mahjong players sprint to the goal!Therefore, although she had trained hand touched, you know what brand of Kung Fu, but the memory is still training hard, force yourself comfortably – Smooth up, literally down by hand Mopai identification plate, and not according to the order sorting cards, both remember any of their card and location, but not a moment to observe others blink, capture the information they want from someone else’s expression, language, action.The highest level of Japanese mahjong players is able to accurately calculate what cards opponents have got, and built an impregnable fortress, opponents failed.If Japan is to play against each other masters, often there will be continuous and not a few cards Qin Ruili through exploration, and finally trained by three single-handedly control ability, even under the house to be able to do and what brand, and she often What brand.In addition to remember their hand cards, according to others she played cards to determine what cards the hands of others.In order to fight a protracted war, Qin Ruili also trained for 12 consecutive hours without water effort.Because a drink, it is possible to the toilet, and give them the opportunity to increase the old thousand.Gradually, she more practice the more astute, quickly became Banqiao village beauty brand best-performing member of sparring.Annual salary of $ 250,000!She became Japan’s top mahjong players Qin Ruili amazing progress attracted media attention.Tokyo “Sparrow Weekly” reported that she was in after the cattle Chinese mahjong sparring in the local caused quite a stir.But Qin Ruili have been satisfied with only a mahjong sparring, she began to fight for the opportunity to become a professional mahjong players, she wants to win the high salary and bonuses, completely changed the fate of!To recommend the latest information sauna






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