Love Test: Are you measure empathy or womanizer

In the emotional, the special situation of people who are always commendable, but efforts to reach people is what people want to see people unhappy.Yes ah, womanizer Who Can Go, do not want to destroy the world because of TA over a small three do?It would have been too late.Touch your conscience and see you in the end is a special situation or bother, do not feel out of love, then do a test it!1, you always make people think you are a very confident person is not uncertain is 2, when dealing with strangers of the opposite sex, usually the other first opening 3 is not uncertain, when hungry, you find nothing to eat at home , you’ll go out and buy because we feel it too much trouble to give up?4 is not uncertain, you have absolutely no interest in office romance is uncertainty than 5, you are to forget the past, like the memories of the good memories of the people is not the uncertainty 6, you think you can not make a sycophant with the leadership thing is not 7 is uncertain, you are good to win the goodwill of the elders who are not uncertain 8, you do not like to talk with people, that is not uncertain is nauseating in Figure 9, so that if you speak in front of 1,000 people, you will tension is very uncertain not 10, you think you are a nice person eloquence is not uncertain is 11, while with the opposite sex together, you will note than with same-sex friends is the image of uncertainty instead of 12, do you like the plant it is uncertain is not a, basically, you are not good at getting along with the opposite sex often behave nervous and confused in front of the opposite sex like a man.You’re not good at communication, in the face of unfamiliar people will become cautious, especially in the face of unfamiliar opposite sex become very introverted and shy, you can not be talking about, not good to do further contacts with the opposite sex.Lack of experience with the opposite sex of you unfamiliar with the fear of the opposite sex to be alone, let alone deal with the opposite sex in a few.How to give yourself confidence, how to behave more freely at home in front of the opposite sex, is the urgent need to strengthen your.B, your heart is actually more conservative, especially about love, and it’s hard to play with a relaxed attitude to the feelings of things.Once you meet her loved one, you will want to take this relationship to operate, would be willing to pay for each other.You love the concept of single-minded conservative, can not stand betrayal and lies, even if other people so you heart, and would never let himself fall into the whirlpool of emotions.What do you think should be single-minded and responsible feelings, you will not hold the game about his own feelings, will not allow yourself to make things feelings of disloyalty and the game world.C, you are a more casual deal with feelings of people, ideas and feelings will not be very conservative and do not feel like it both ways things are inexcusable, do you think is the seat of your pants feeling like walking.However, in many deal with the opposite sex often make you feel silly and a waste of time, do you think the general feeling of this game is simply self-deception, has nothing to gain for himself.Do you think that feeling should learn to be happy and relaxed feel, in general, you will be on the more serious affair, but once you have a new object is tempted, do not deliberately restrain myself.d, in fact, you’re a good understanding of the psychology of the opposite sex, as long as you want, you can quickly understand clearly a heterosexual character and preferences, near and can think of ways to get each other’s attention and goodwill.However, under normal circumstances, be able to arouse your desire to be close to the opposite sex is not much, you often think of the opposite sex around relatively boring, so you do not bother to deal with.Like you, is in personal relationships and the more thoughtful means of people, often very easy to be able to grasp the best way to get along with others, as long as you want, while mixing in a few of the opposite sex is also no problem.E, you actually like more than to get along with the opposite sex with the same sex to get along, and always let the opposite sex is very relaxing to get along with you, without scruples sex.Like you, is a very relaxed in front of the opposite sex can not win in order to maintain the image and goodwill of the other in front of the opposite sex and people pay more cautious.And you deal with emotional problems very smart but not too sensitive, it will not be because of some ambiguous idea of a misunderstanding of the opposite sex.This easy-going, sloppy personality, makes the opposite sex can even take you as gay to get along with impunity.You deal in more heterosexual also no problem.You might also like to re-answer: break mode measure your character, what kind of people you belong?I want to find true love?Cece see where your true love fate test: see you and love in the end can go far after breaking up, you will be former political arena it?


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