You will be measured and married a few years older than you people

And greater than themselves, a lot of people who are willing to marry, the larger than themselves feel more mature, know better how to take care of themselves, of course, some people prefer smaller than their own people to do partner.Then you will marry a few years older than you people?Testing will know the answer, here we take a right to be paired test!  Parents object to your love, you will go for it?  A, regardless of the parents’ opinion B, efforts to fight C, immediately abandon d, parents did not object to the test answer: A, you will be married than you teenager who in your opinion, marriage and age is not related , and you do not mind than their teenage marriage, many times you want this gap, you are a person that needs to be taken care of.You feel older than themselves, people will know how to take care of yourself, your own immaturity, but you want to be a mature partner person.  B, you can accept to marry you than freshman two years old and greater than themselves, people who get married, of course, the age difference is not so much, you can only accept the gap is a two year old man, you want to be able and a bit more mature person, but you are too big and scared little topic.Select a gap of two years old you think you might accept, but also the people around acceptable.  C, you will marry the person you want to own the same age and the same age as his own marriage, you are a man afraid of a generation gap, the gap between your view of people of the same age is relatively small, or that there is no.Topic between you and your peers would be more a little more, and the same age who are married, you think a lot of thoughts and actions are relatively easy to accept that you do not like marriage trouble.  d, you get married you do not like bigger than themselves, on the contrary, those who are smaller than you love yourself, so you can choose smaller than they are younger than their married.You like to take care of others, you like all the time to take care of their partner.And time with you, your spouse often is like a child, were you taking care of a pet.


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