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More than others by step text / Zhou was born in southern Lebanon, an ordinary peasant family, after graduating from high school successfully admitted to the University of Beirut, it would have been his best chance to jump out of the farm gate, but unfortunately, due to family aftermath of the accident, unable to pay the high tuition fees, after he had finished sadly left school freshman, began his entrepreneurial path.  Dropped out to go home not long after, he heard that Saudi Arabia paved with gold, just bend a bend will be able to earn a lot of money, so try holding the attitude, he followed the prospectors who came to Saudi Arabia together.In fact, Saudi Arabia is not a paradise for people legend, in addition to the vast expanse of desert, he did not find any particular place.Saudi Arabia living in six years, he has changed several jobs, worked as a mathematics teacher at the school, worked in corporate accounting, the company had been a manager at work, but these are not his yearning, his dream is to be a entrepreneurs, help the Lebanese people out of poverty and hunger.During that time, every day thinking about how to start, how to improve their living environment.However, in order to start from scratch, this easier said than done, have to find a suitable project.  In the 1960s, with the rapid development of industry and the automotive industry, the oil in the Middle East up tight, that humble desert into a veritable gold.Known as the Kingdom of Saudi oil, its oil reserves and production in the world, many people have seen this fat, pouring into Saudi Arabia, invested petrochemical industry.For a time, oil has created numerous billionaires, and even local people also become particularly wealthy because of oil.Rolling in the face of oil brought wealth, a lot of people dog eat dog and grazed the head would also like to squeeze.  When people crazy for oil, he saw another opportunity Construction.After the government money, we will first do it?Of course, the expansion of urban construction, and public transportation construction; the people have money, will first do it?Of course, is to buy a house or building.There is no doubt that the construction industry will become the second largest industry following the petrochemical industry at a time when investors’ eyes are firmly fixed on oil, few people noticed the construction industry outlook.He immediately realized that this was a golden opportunity, we must act now, once missed, others will be pre-empted.  Then, he decided to quit his income fairly good job and moved into the construction industry, and set up his own company 西库尼斯特 construction company.At first, because financially strong enough, he had anchored in France’s Augie’s, barely clinging to the company’s.In mid-1977, he was finally ushered in a turning point in life, the Saudi king Khaled Ibn Abdul Aziz to build a palace in the resort of Taif, as the Islamic Summit venue, due to the time limit and wages problems, many builders are reluctant to take up this live.The eye-popping, but he actively embrace down.Six months later, he successfully completed the task, or whether it is the quality of housing construction, are impeccable.Although this single business did not let him make much money, but to his company played a live ad, more importantly, because this project he met the then Crown Prince Fahd (later King), and has made his trust and appreciation for the later development in Saudi Arabia, paving the way.  Sure enough, everything as he would expect, just a few years, he would claim to fame, has become well known construction tycoon, business extends from Saudi Arabia to Britain, the United States and other countries and regions, the company has set up an international Ogi, united company Mediterranean Investors Group, a number of listed companies, with a personal net worth of at least $ 10 billion.  He is famous Arab financiers, industrialists, former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri, from a poor and white wage earners to ranks among the world’s richest, the Hariri took only ten years time.Hariri’s life, whether in business or in politics, he has insisted more than others by step, everything walking in someone else’s ahead.(Inspirational story)


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