Remember to take pity in front of people

Spirit child wash sheets.The sound of water crashed in, year-old son Beckham losing streak with a hit came from the living room to pull her legs: “Mom, Mom, someone knocked on the door ah!””what?”Spirit child listening to quickly turn off the tap, and hearken, really was, ‘Koukou knock.’Sharp knock on the door bang bang came from whisper to getting loud in the silence of this air is particularly unexpected.At this point it is nine o’clock and more.Mr. Qin Chuan had to go to work.    Wangle Yan Ling child out of the window, the window was so quiet, she always liked the quiet past views.Yonder mountain plants and trees are visible, insects chirping in the morning suddenly make spiritual son was a little scared.Here, it will be who is going to knock on the door?!That is the landlord to collect rent income, generally also the first phone to come to the Qin Chuan ah!She wiped her hands, touched the head of Beckham praised his performance, someone knocked on the door to call her mother to know, and not just open the door.    Walked into the parlor, and walked toward the door, she walked to the door loudly say one thing: “Who?”Turning the hearts of some of the various reaction after hearing the answer.Unexpectedly, the man did not answer the door, knock on the door just a little pause, and continue to knock up.    what?Spirit child and my heart shuddered, stopped in her tracks, indicating Beckham Hush, but also improves the volume, pull the door in front of his voice shouting: “Who – Yeah!!!”But, knock on the door as usual about what to ringing.Spirit child under really afraid of this, a little sky outside the window shade.    God, this district, was felt to rent come to live a little nervous, saying that community, in fact, also two buildings, built on this steep hillside.Lots of people here live in small remote did not say, the cell door iron gate still non-existent, there is no lock, let alone what the Security.Except you always liked this quiet environment, rental is definitely not down.Oh, great, a Mr. to go to work, the family got left themselves and their son under the age of three!    Beckham also a little scared at this time, firmly grasp the spiritual son of clothes, soft-spoken worried and asked her: “Mom, it will not be bad?” ‘Hush -‘ spiritual son crouched down, took him in his arms, leaned his ear, to comfort him,” Beckham good, my mother went to the door to look at, Beckham does not say anything Oh, no, there is mother, we lock yet!”Spirit child crept to the door, the age-old wooden doors, a gap can be clearly seen in the door.She leans out the gap look, do not look already, glancing heart is going to pop.Two middle-aged man standing outside the door, a man and a woman, a look not very good and they look, Heishou Heishou.In this case, the man is knocking at the door, the woman tried to twist open the iron gate of the outer handle.They can not always see her man, impatient, stop the knock on the door, grabbed her hand iron door handles, straining to twist up.Rattling sound was so horrible.At this time, this building, but no one in the bar!This layer is on the fifth floor, the door unoccupied, unoccupied upstairs, two downstairs tenants are husband and wife go out to work, there is the third floor of a old man!    And Mr. went out to work, I am not used to lock the gates!After he goes to work every day because, had not for a while, I put away the spirit of the child at home, they have to go out with Beckham stroll to the park look and have no children to play with David Beckham.Fortunately, rusty iron gate also because of the age, though did not lock, but also very bad open.    Spirit child was very frightened, but apparently, now is not the time to fear!If they open the gates, the doors would be empty!Now we must act decisively!    ”Pata -” spiritual son bite the bullet, threw open the doors, twisted brow sweep of the sweep two men, twisting the iron gate that look hand, aggressive loudly asked them: “Do you want to do!”Two people outside the door startled, the men quickly took a piece of paper in hand, to spiritual son, said:” Miss, I’m sorry ah, we just lost our way, we would like to ask you, how to get to this place? .”That woman also leaned next to chime in.They pointed to the words on paper, indicating spiritual son leaned Look at the paper.    Spirit child subconsciously trying leaned in to see what is written on paper, corner of my eye Zeiyan surprised to find they turn round and round behind her, grabbed her son Beckham being closely followed clothes beside her, eyes clear two people curiously outside.She quickly step back, heart sneer, Well, ask tenants actually asked to come home!The streets are still too policeman!Moreover, the two men actually want people to open the door, and will certainly not good!    Hen protecting her cubs as pull his son behind, both on the TV drama unceremoniously Yang high-pitched, momentum is compelling: “I do not know!You go to the street to ask!Do not stay at my doorstep!Or I alarm!”Then ‘bang -‘ slamming, she shut the door vigorously and loudly red door shouting:” Son!Your dad did not wake up!”Clenched palm, the thick layer of sweat seeped.She held his breath, again secretly look out from the crevice, and saw that the two men at the door gibberish that a pass what was the woman took the man, and finally not willing to leave the.After spirit child sit on the floor, a sigh of relief, the people are collapsed down.She clasped his Beckham, Beckham was still puzzled and asked her over and over again, my mother, is not a bad man?It is not bad?    ”No, I ask for it.”Spirit child side to comfort him, while Shiver weave to touch the phone, Mr. want to dial phone.Found the phone and was about to dial out, thought, then press out.    Mr. at work, well, since all right, do not worry about the harm his white.    She went to the kitchen, climbed up on the window and saw two men went downstairs, turned a corner, out of the compound.She quickly picked up Beckham also go, in short, this is the time do not want to stay here!    With the crowd gradually increased, spiritual son walking in the crowd, my heart was gradually quiet down.Beckham writhing, has been happily running in three steps ahead of her, pause, and roadside trees verdant, sun through the thick clouds, a golden light spilled down, set off by car honking, people of the noise, everything is vibrant appearance.    Ling son walked slowly, looking ahead Beckham carefree laugh from time to time she turned red, her mother cried happily, seem that brilliant sunshine penetrating her heart with layers of haze.Mr., love for his son at the moment and filling her body and mind.The second half of the summer, the son of the kindergarten, she has to go out to work, the most bitter period of time will have passed.    Spirit child know that the house is unlikely to change, urban house for a long time can not find a closer to Mr. unit, although some remote here, but can be considered a recent.The third floor of the old man once said that everyone should be organized accompanied lock the door of the cell, and now it seems, it is indeed imperative that they should actively urge everyone to go to the job.    At noon, Qin Chuan came back to his spiritual son just casually say there are two people of unknown origin to knock on the door in the morning, after asking him to help her remember readily locked iron gate.So passed on this matter.    The next day, in this strange city, spiritual son and Qin Chuan is still the same family of three living quietly go on.Soon, the iron gate topped with a cell lock.On the third floor of the old man dug a vegetable plot to grow vegetables on the opposite mountain, spiritual son often went to him to buy some fresh vegetables.    The local environment is really very elegant and fresh, and just go for a while steep slopes, and downtown will be cut off from the hustle and bustle, are like another world.Spirit child and more like Beckham here.Beckham often on the hillside, large trees jump play, found a lot of baby, love playfully touch the tree grandfather’s “beard”.    Two years later, they left the city, often spiritual son actually’d miss, miss those years of living there, miss, where they spent a family of three that seem like paradise quiet life.    In fact, that day and every day the same, and not much different.But fear because that day that left Mingxin, there are fears that after Mr. Qin Chuan gentle words of comfort to the distressed, and later he contacted us back and forth with positive lock and bring peace of mind and courage to the spiritual son so that day actually have another round warmth of memories.    How time flies, flash a few places over several years.That day is going farther and farther.Often think of it, the spirit of the child will be better off today than yesterday rejoice.And their feelings of the two is still as steady, on safely.    Calm down, spiritual son often think, the road of life is too short, and we must cherish the present one oh.Because only he would be happy to ride with you all the suffering, to the other side of happiness.Only she will be happy and never betray you, through thick and thin.    Remember, fingers intertwined and you can, bring the old bald man, you have to love him (her), they must not be trivial life of patience wore off, it must not be spent Fan Liulv attracted most attention while ignoring the most important – the present one.


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