Sweet mother’s tears

In my less than 1 year old, somehow won an illness, persistent high fever, water does not enter.Father riding a bicycle with his mother and his mother’s arms I rushed to the county hospital, the doctor said a little impatiently: children are doing so you still come to the hospital?Not much sense.Next to concern over patient’s family also squeezed my little arm, said: the body is cold, not take it.It was also comforting mother: young, regeneration is it, do not be sad.My mother in my arms, without saying a word.  That time, the county hospital is the people’s days, where the doctor said no, that is, to die.At dusk, mother and father took me back home.This time, I Qiruoyousi, are like a breath cut off at any time.I have been holding mother, aunt to let her break down, she totally did not hear the same.  House full of people, including the village barefoot doctors, and other respected persons, everyone decided that I could not pass this night.Thus, under the auspices of a decision grandmother was born: the children taken away that time, the village often this happens, the child who died was thrown into the ravine far.Biological mother nature is not to go, often by a distant relative or neighbor ladies to handle.  Go faster, taking advantage of the sky is still rotten.At the urging of her grandmother, aunt next door slowly close to the wood, like mother abruptly pulled me out and put in a wicker basket, and two tables to go with aunt Wang Menwai.  Just when Aunt aunt and two tables coming out of the courtyard, and had sat what’s mother suddenly realized that suddenly leaps from the edge of the bed, to go out like crazy snatch wicker baskets, carefully picked up my back, hug arms, covered with a skirt.  Mother’s move to let everyone by surprise, as they have Dimeishunyan after she married, for grandparents will never disobedience.In everybody’s eyes, she did not temper, not even his own character, so no one thought she would be in such a strong manner inconsistent with the family’s decision.She hugged me calmly but firmly to his room, how any persuasion who also did not say anything, just hold me tight, who would put on a shelf near the life necessary to exclude.  Father deeply bow my head, my grandmother finally gave in.So, I was able to stay in her mother’s arms the night.That night, my mother has been in close contact with his chest, gently stroking me from time to time with a face warm my cold face.Until the day dawn the next day, the mother’s spirit suddenly pick up, because she had an important discovery: the nipple has been stuffed in my mouth a bit like being sucked, and my chest began to warm up.When my mother was still alive to confirm, but yesterday a little better than the state, and finally tears Pusu Su fall, rain usually hit my face, and I could have mouth to suck mother’s tears.Later, whenever the mother talk about the matter to the people, will be added: The child is drinking my tears survive.One taste, I am afraid only the mother alone can appreciate.  Mother went to the yard, excited to wake up grandpa, grandmother and aunts, and tell them I’m alive.Grandma Dianzhe feet ran into the room, looked at me slightly undulating chest and gradually get better face, could not help but burst into tears and said over and over again: Thanks to when the mother, when the mother of thanks!  Later, someone said, I was hit by evil, lost his wits, get past that hurdle will be good.I know that it is superstition that.I survived, in fact, it comes from deep maternal love.In this world, the mother will never give up your man.Mother does not give up, how do you willing to give it up?


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