Inspirational story: the true meaning of Black Belt

Inspirational story: the true meaning of a black belt in a martial arts master ceremony, kneeling in front of Wu Xuezong division, are prepared to accept the hard-earned black belt, after years of rigorous training, the apprentice martial arts continued to improve, and finally We can succeed in this martial art in the door.  Before you are awarded a black belt, and then you have to pass a test.Division, said Wu Xuezong.  I’m ready.Disciples replied, hearts that may be the last round of a boxing exam.  You have to answer the most basic question: What is the true meaning of the Black Belt?  I learned that the end of military history, apprentice replies without hesitation: I practice hard deserve rewards.  Wu Xuezong division waited a moment, he was clearly not satisfied with the disciples answer, he finally spoke up: you do not have time to get the black belt, and then to a year.  A year later, the disciples again kneeling in front of Wu Xuezong division.  What is the true meaning of the Black Belt?Guru asked.  This door is a symbol of excellence in martial arts and the highest achievement.Disciples say.  Wu Xuezong division after a few minutes did not speak, apparently he was not satisfied, and finally he said: you do not have time to get the black belt, and then to a year.  A year later, he knelt before the disciples Wu Xuezong division.  What is the true meaning of the Black Belt?  Black Belt represents the beginning, the starting point represents the endless discipline, struggle and the pursuit of higher standards of course.  Well, you’re ready to accept a black belt and began to struggle.Wu Xuezong division pleased answered.  In this highly competitive environment changes, namely the establishment of enterprises represents a new milestone, is a starting point, perhaps when the company was founded in technical expertise to maintain short-term advantage, but corporate management is not just rely on technology it.It must have co-operation of the team, the team must be able to inspire devotion vision, there must be mechanisms for management, it is more important is to have a leader planning to go to study business and management.An enterprise of every achievement is also a starting point, only personal and team learning, enterprises can Everlasting, healthy development.  For a sensible men, every day is a new beginning.  Life is a surging river, never staying in one place, it will not stay at a certain stage, it needs to continue to go beyond.Beyond, is the sublimation, the mutation is an indispensable stage in life.It is this transcendence, that man came from ignorance of ancient civilization and prosperity today.  Beyond the self is a requirement of life.Nietzsche said: life attempt own ladder erected overlooking its desire to distant places, eager most obsessed with beauty because it requires up!Life attempt to rise, and rise beyond their own.The desire of local life, each of us is the goals and ideals of their choice.Beyond the process is to create a process of self.People living in the world, not only to enjoy the love of ease.Lazy selfish person, never not enjoy the real fun of life.Only efforts to create, to struggle and beyond, in order to occupy their place in the fierce competition in the life of a dazzling collision sparks.  Those who see art as life, as the science of the soul of man, never stop, creating extraordinary is the great teacher of life beyond the model.Copernicus’s heliocentric, Napoleon feat, Shakespeare, Balzac’s masterpieces, Marx’s revolutionary theory beyond time and space they set up a natural monument, conquest and affect generations of people in this world.  Beyond the self means constantly in pursuit, tenacious struggle; mean taking the road not traveled predecessors, to find a new starting point in what you do at work.  There are a lonely young artists, in addition to the ideal, he had nothing.For ideal, he decided to travel.At first he went to a newspaper office in Kansas City candidates, there’s a good atmosphere exactly what he needed, but the editor saw his work that the lack of new ideas and not be hired, he tasted the taste of defeat.  Later, he painted for the church.Because of the low pay, he was unable to rent studio, had to borrow an abandoned garage.One day, tired of the painter saw one pair of little eyes glittering in the dim light, is a little mouse.() He smiled and looked at it, but it slipped like a shadow, like.Later, the mice appear again and again.He never hurt it, did not even scare.It is on the floor to do a variety of sports, performing acrobatics, and he would award it a little bread crumbs.Gradually, they trust each other, to establish a mutual friendship.  Soon, the young artist was introduced to Hollywood to make a mainly animal cartoons.That was a rare opportunity, but he again failed.  In the night, he agonized over his own way, and even began to doubt his own talent.At that time, he suddenly remembered the garage of the little mouse, inspiration flashed a light in the dark.He quickly draw the outline of a mouse.  The greatest cartoon character Mickey Mouse was born, Walt Disney and therefore known in the world.Exploration, innovation changed the world, so we say that human progress, if there is no innovation, we are at best only monkeys!Scientific discovery, human progress, from his life for human exploration of nature.Driving force of progress, it is the result of innovation.  Life motto: Only ourselves talent will create one after another brilliant.Every time you successfully is a new starting point. Inspirational story and the perception of people with disabilities inspirational story of the new semester inspirational stories inspirational story: have a passion heart text / Nan Lu of fog last night, when Napoleon Hill and his mother by boat across the river from New Jersey to New York when his mother Huan cried: what a scary scene ah!  What surprising things it?Napoleon Hill asked..  Mother still passionate about: you look, that fog, looming that four weeks of light, as well as the boat disappeared in the fog of confusing lights away, so incredible.  Perhaps the mother is infected by the enthusiasm, Napoleon Hill also really feel thick white fog that hides a mysterious, little bit of confusion and nothingness.Napoleon Hill’s slow sinking heart got some penetration of fresh blood, no longer feeling.  Mother watching Napoleon Hill, I never gave you advice.Regardless of advice before you accept it or not, but this time you have to listen to advice, and to always remember.That is: the world there has never been beautiful and exciting present, she is in itself so beautiful, so fascinating, so you have to be sensitive to her, never let yourself feel them, smell is not working, do not ever let yourself lose We should share the enthusiasm.  Napoleon Hill has not forgotten the words of the mother, but also try to do.  In human life, has done the most and the best of those, that is, those successful people, will have this capability and features.Even if two people have the exact same order, it must be more passionate man will achieve greater success.  Enthusiasm on the one hand is a spontaneous force, but it is also a source of energy to help you focus on body strength to participate in a particular matter.In Boston, there is a baseball team, has been only a very small part of the audience, their power to support weak, their performance is very poor.But then they came to Milwaukee, where the public enthusiasm for the new team is very high, the baseball stadium full of people, we are very concerned about this team, and I believe this team will be able to win.  Citizens’ enthusiasm, optimism and trust, this baseball team gave a great encouragement to, the following year almost Yuedeng top league.The audience’s enthusiasm for the baseball team entered the fresh blood, created a miracle for them.Although still the same people, but inside this team there is a wave of unprecedented power, so they play a level never seen before.  Many people are more or less have an inferiority complex, often underestimate their own, lose confidence in ourselves, the lack of enthusiasm.In fact, everyone should trust their own health, energy and endurance, and have great potential power, this confidence will give you great help, love yourself, it will help you succeed.  If a man only a little bit of enthusiasm is far from enough, so, enhance the enthusiasm is a must.So, how can we enhance enthusiastic?  Napoleon Hill made several steps to enhance enthusiastic: 1, in-depth understanding of each issue.  Over the years, modern paintings for Napoleon Hill has not been a good impression, that it just made a mess of many picture lines consisting of only.Until after enlighten by a knowledgeable friend, Napoleon Hill suddenly realized: indeed, have a better understanding, I found it really interesting, less attractive.The more understanding, the easier it is to cultivate an interest.So what you have to do next time, we must apply this principle; find yourself impatient, but also think of this principle.Only to learn more about the truth, will dig out their interests.  2, has to be full of enthusiasm.  You do not enthusiastic zealous or have no interest will naturally show up on your industry, there is no way to hide.With someone to shake hands clasped each other’s hand and said: I am honored to meet you.Or I am glad to see you again.The kind of timid handshake, people only think this guy dead, half-dead.Have a little smile and lively eyes to go with your smile.When you say thank you to someone else!Time, we must sincerely say.You talk to vivid introduction.Please give it a try, he said loudly: I am very happy today!When talk is not it feel a little more comfortable than the previous?You must always lively and energetic to succeed.  3, multi spread the good news.  We’ve all heard someone say on different occasions: I have a good news.Then everyone stopped working hand look at him, waiting for him to say it did strike.The good news in addition to the attractive, can also cause the goodwill of others, drew enthusiastic and energetic, even help digestion, make your appetites.Because people want to spread bad news than good news spread, so you do need to understand this: spreading the bad news people never get a friend’s favor, and never accomplish nothing.  4, it is important to develop your attitude.  Everyone, regardless of his wishes in India or Indiana or the Midwest in the United States, regardless of his illustrious life experience or unknown, civilized or savage, young or old, has to be important.This willingness is mankind’s most intense, the most urgent one target.Savvy advertisers understand everyone wants to get fame and position and to be recognized.Outstanding sell advertising in this category Ciju often occur: Smart young woman use the superb taste of people will use to become the envy of everyone is necessary to use for those who are envious of women, men appreciate the lady was prepared these headings are constantly tell you: Buy this product will enter high society, it makes you feel satisfied, so worth your while to buy.  As long as the wish to meet other people, make them feel important, you will soon step on the royal road to success.It is indeed a treasure chest in the success of a baby.While this approach is useful, but people rarely know how to use.  Napoleon Hill in Detroit life, must go to work by bus every morning, there is a driver was grumpy uneducated, Napoleon Hill have seen dozens or even hundreds of times the driver to speed up the old accelerator, sped away, simply ignore those just a few seconds to catch up passengers.But his special attention to a passenger, the driver will be waiting for him on the train.why?This is because passengers find ways to make the driver feel important.He say hello every morning with the driver, he says: Good morning, Mr..Sometimes he would sit next to the driver, he said the driver feel important words.It is important to train your attitude right, many people will therefore enthusiasm.  5, forced to take their own dedicated action.  Depth to explore your topic, research it, study it, and live with it, try to collect information about its.To do so will make you unconsciously become more enthusiasm.  In this regard, Carnegie said this to say: For example, I had no enthusiasm for the worship of Lincoln until I wrote a book after book about Lincoln was changed, and now I admire him very cordially.Lincoln and Washington may be as great characters, but I do not like I like worship of Lincoln to him, because I know something about Washington not too much.For anything, only after in-depth understanding, you will generate enthusiasm.  6, good health is the foundation to generate enthusiasm.  If a person act full of vitality, his spirit will be full of energy and emotion.Many salesmen, teachers, senior business people, professionals, and many others, up early every day to do some physical activities like calisthenics, jogging or cycling, etc., which can not only improve their health, but also improve their day activities energy and enthusiasm.  7, to know that you are a born winner.  Geneticist 阿蒙兰辛费特 once said: In the entire history of the world, other people and you never exactly the same, in that infinitely distant future will never again have another you.  You are a very special people, in order to defend the right to life before birth had been desperate battle of survival of the fittest.When you came to this world, in the face of all the actual target, no matter how lofty, you can achieve.Because you from the past a huge repository of inherited all the potential and strength needed to achieve the goal.  You are born champion.No matter how impede your difficulties and misfortunes, but compared with the tire of the difficult knot to overcome wartime, the former less than one-tenth of the latter.Remember: For the living, but built-in victory.If you have such a knowledge and belief, will surely inspire unwavering enthusiasm.  8, successful actions have finally got the enthusiasm of enthusiasm.  Educator and psychologist William Watt convinced and confirmed: feelings are not rational immediate disposal, but they are always dominated by the immediate action.  Therefore, to study the use of such a self-inspired word: To become enthusiastic, actions should be dedicated.And let the self excitation word go deep into the subconscious.So, when you are in the process of creating a lack of energy, the inspired word will flash into your conscious mind, once the time comes, it will motivate you to take action enthusiasm, it becomes negative to positive, full of spirit and do it now.  9, use the magic ingredient hope to motivate themselves.  Want to inspire people with a motive to produce and put into action the magic, hope is the desire to want to get things expected plus it can get confidence.As long as a person has some kind of hope and desire, and indeed I believe it can inspire action to turn it into reality.A promising, there is a strong desire and confidence of people, he certainly is an extremely dedicated person.  10, the courage to challenge yourself.  Napoleon Hill said: to challenge ourselves.Every time you do one thing, do what you can do better than your own performance on a better, faster, and you’ll Leading the Way.  You want to challenge timid, timid to become fearless, you want to challenge unfortunate, unfortunate change was lucky; you want to challenge fails, turn failure into success; you want to challenge the situation of the poor, for the rich become poor; everything you want to challenges are not satisfied with things, change their own destiny, to change their world.  Life motto: Remember to always keep your enthusiasm, only to see such a bright future, in order to have a power struggle, it will not fall because of frustration and sink. Inspirational story and the perception of people with disabilities inspirational stories inspirational story: do the masters of their own inspirational life story: figurines across the river Wen / Lu south of the river is suffering, we are clay figurines.So, where in heaven?  One day, God Xuanzhi said that if the clay figurines which can be designated by him through the river, he would give the clay figurine will never fade away a heart of gold.  This channel has been issued a decree, mud long time people did not respond.I do not know how long, and finally there is a small clay figurines stand out and said he wanted to cross the river.  Clay figurines how it could cross the river?You do not dream.  Able to get to the heart of the river, you will be drowned!  You know the feeling when you lose a little bit of flesh?  You will be delicious fish, and even a hair will not leave!  Other clay figurines are pressing, he.  However, this small clay figurines determined to cross the river.He did not want a lifetime only such a small clay figurine, he would like to have a heart of gold.But he also knows that to have God’s heart must be observed thanks to His will, that is to go to heaven, must first through hell.  His hell is he going to go through the river.  Small clay figurines came to the river.Hesitated for a moment, his feet entered the water, suddenly piercing pain overwhelmed him.He felt his feet quickly melted with, every minute are away from their body.  Go back to it, or you will destroy the!Growled the river.  Figurines did not answer, just silence move forward, one step, two steps this moment, he suddenly understood his choice qualifications to make him regret even do not have the.If you go back ashore, he is a crippled clay figurines; hesitation in the water, can only accelerate their destruction.And God gave his promise, but also far more than the death.  Figurines walked lonely and stubborn.The river is really wide ah, as if exhausted at the end of life can come to the stage like.Figurines looked across and saw there the same brocade flowers and green expanse of lawn, as well as light and flying bird.God must drink it sitting under a tree, perhaps that is the life of heaven.But he did not give up everything almost what might arrive.Where no one knew him, knew him a little clay figurines and the same ideal of his dreams.God did not give him flowers when born in Heaven chance, nor give him a pair of bird wings.However, this can blame God it?God allowed him to do clay figurines, and gave up his own stable life?  Figurines tears left to wash away a piece of skin on his face.Figurines and quickly raised his face, the rest were all pushed back the tears in his eyes.Tears have been shed down the throat, drop in the heart of a small clay figurines.The first figurines discovered that tears can also have a way for him, and perhaps this is the only possible way.  Small clay figures in an almost impossible way to move forward with a centimeter, one centimeter, centimeter another fish greedily at his body, his soft sediment every moment crumbling, with or without several times, he They are choking the waves almost suffocation.Figurines really want to lie down and rest for a while ah, but he knew that once lay down, he will never sleep, even the pain of opportunity will lose.He can only endure, endure, endure.Amazingly, whenever figurines feel when going to die, there is always something to enable him to stick to the next moment.  I do not know how long is simply to make a small clay figurine despair, figurines suddenly found that he actually landed.() He was relieved, ecstatic, I was going to walk on the lawn, afraid of their own ragged clothes clean tarnished paradise.He bowed his head and began to stare himself, was surprised to find that he has nothing except a golden heart.And his eyes, being long in his heart.  He understood everything.Heaven has never been a lucky thing.Flowers and seeds must first pass through the heavy darkness of the earth was able to germinate smiling in the sun, bird feathers numerous bruises to be able to temper the volley wings, even God, but also have gone up in hell the road was the most difficult struggle of man.And as a small clay figurines, he is only in a miraculous courage and perseverance to be able to make the rapids of life soul swing clear of cloud properties, then, to find their own do have a sinking heart of gold.  Insights on life: In fact, everyone may get a heart of gold.The key is you want to get, dare get, will not get to go, and finally, how to obtain this understanding and awareness. Inspirational stories inspirational stories and insights to grow inspirational stories of people with disabilities


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