What happened to us

What has replaced our past has made us fidgety, uneasy, confused and sad. What replaced our dreams, regrets and losses. This age is so helpless that even if you calm down to write an article and read a favorite book, you are not in the mood or interest..     What’s the matter with us? Our hearts are so anxious. When you are not in a hurry, watch others worry. Men are eager to buy houses, find girlfriends and get married, but how many people are’ spelling a father’? But sometimes think about it, the older youth should get married too. But what do we have? People say that we stand on the 30th, but in today’s era, where are we standing in confusion?? The woman wanted to know the man’s family background, whether he had money, whether he had a house, whether his parents had a job or not, whether they had a better job, and whether they would worry about providing for the aged. She wanted to know the man’s family background without looking at feelings, and whether there was a need for communication.. Now the women are waiting, waiting to marry a rich man. So unlucky nature will soon be left. After all, there are not many people who are really rich in China. Most people still have no money.. Call the country rich all day, but are the people really rich?     I dare not go to the Internet every day for fear that my eyes will be polluted. All sorts of mixed-up phenomena and events are overwhelming. There are not as many negative things as there are today in that era.. Let’s think about whether there will be a problem if one day negative things will have a greater impact and accumulate more.? What happened to us is more and more inseparable from our talk. It seems that there are many words to say in our heart, but what we say is complaining and helplessness. Where are our happy words?. Even the plain and simple life has become an extravagant hope and a luxury.     In the streets, there are more and more thieves and more deceivers than ever before.. Can’t trust, can’t believe, can only believe in yourself, because no one is reliable, children don’t go to filial piety, there are too few people who dare to help others, and too few people still have compassion. Sometimes it’s chilling. Everyone grabbed the high-rise building and lived in it, only to find out that it was not just cement and steel bars that separated the building, but that the hearts of the people in the same building naturally had a wall of iron and steel.. Indifference obscures love and concern.     What’s the matter with us? We were all busy on our way, but we forgot to enjoy the scenery on the road. We are all young, but we all have an old heart. Even the passion of breaking through and breaking through is almost gone, because everyone is afraid that they will not be able to fight the rich second generation, the official second generation and the injured themselves, and even the hope of fairness and justice cherished in their hearts for many years has been dashed..     What’s the matter with us? We’re all calm. Everything high is just a luxury. We can’t afford to buy a house, get married or raise a baby. We can only stand where we are, quietly and quietly…


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