The new job after rail competition, naturally no small advantage.Liu usually do not look much, but I was actually very clear, that at what time to show their.

  The position of Liu Keli Lun obviously also quite satisfactory, did not forget smiled and nodded at him.Huaxing company in the short term, certainly will not have a lot of equipment orders appear.After all, a new technology standard, want to be recognized by telecom operators, certainly it takes a lot of effort.Keli Lun set myself the goal of two years, as long as two years to the success of CDMA standard to promote open, even if he has made a great success.

Chapter 586 NEC’s nemesis

  If, as the KMT’s Korean director Park Chang He visits, Keli Lun also directly deal with the case, the president of NEC Corporation of Japan Sekimoto visit to Hong Kong, we need a higher level of character to come forward within the Eastern bloc received.
  NEC’s full name is called NEC Corporation, the company’s earliest historical roots dating back to mid-1899.NEC is the early production of telephone started to the sixties of this century, it has developed into the largest manufacturer of communications equipment throughout Japan.Japan was the popularity of the telephone network has been completed, the saturated domestic market so that the growth performance of NEC became weak, coupled with the internal business of standing pat, floating on the personnel, the company began to find themselves in financial crisis.
  This time treatment began as a small Lin Hong NEC’s president, under his leadership, NEC Corporation began to actively expand overseas markets.At the same time, small Lin Hong rule also keen to capture the rise of the world’s new technological revolution, the first to promote C & I




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