Scores are not low when the blade iris, and the second area of focus have sent thirds.The results when a two-blade iris proposal did not agree, she felt that the school score so high, it should be pretty good, besides beheaded rather do not do Pteris, the results of it?

  Phoenix is the Phoenix, a hair tail valuable than a whole chicken.
  Did not eat in the cafeteria chairs, tables still are not enough, to late to eat standing up against the wall.Triple eight quarters, with bathroom, but living this year, next year we have to live in the kind of world did ten toilet.The hostel is good boys and girls take turns to live.Can not take a shower, no bath house school.Basketball Hall library, classrooms closed not open all the year round, unless someone to visit or do open class.
  Extracurricular activities at most college students is going to a movie or lecture, fall camp outing Winter completely absent.Foreign teachers have only a sophomore, a week only one or two classes.Playground of the total rubber, not a real grass, sports equipment, in addition to others not one single parallel bars.

Chapter 53 hope
  Lu seventy-one visited once, the heart of this plug ah.Speaking of her parents and go home, land home parents are shocked, this school hardware conditions simply back more than a decade ah.Lusi Lu Jiu now also do not believe there is such a school.The key is to see the presentation or watching ranking round appearance, really do not see that such schools.
  Lu seventy-one most silent places that on the College website rows of senior teachers, refers to the leaf rainbow look when she said never seen a.It is said that these teachers are


  In fact, Su Xingchen is really short of money.


  And he was like knowing that stupid trap but still reluctant to prey exudes fragrant temptation bait, fell into a silly.




d not spoiled like both, hath chiefs addicted to sweet, but listening to their preference and then.