Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?

You always want to experience love, you traveled a lot of places, seen a lot of people, did a lot of things, and finally you still do not feel that you meet the TA, so you may be ready to go back?In fact, it may just when you did not mind, you miss love, just pass by, you forgot.Fate do a test to see if you missed a few times in the end.1, do you think the color is Qingdouchukai?Small green pink hair purple 2, you still keep in touch with the opposite sex right there?There are not a lot of 3, you have not thought about to travel to a stay away of?Have thought, also we do have thought about, but have not done it is not 4, you most like to open the windows to see what the room?Sea garden full of flowers of a tree 5, you wrote a love letter to someone you?There are not a lot of 6, do you think the wedding photographs have to do different?The uncertainty is not 7, do you have a crush on someone else?There is no crush a person has ever had a crush several people 8, missed an hour ago if a heterosexual friend’s phone, you will?Call back back a message waiting for the other to call back 9, pajamas you like bright colors that do?Is generally not 10, passing bad mood dessert, you can go buy a dessert it?The uncertainty is not 11, you feel the warmth of the sun which most of the season?Xiaji Chun Autumn Winter 12, you look like leisure time and friends to travel together on pictures?Generally I do not like really like A, personality analysis index three stars one regret: the ripe age of your feelings is not too early, but fate has come too early, so that you meet that year too early, so then you do not say , TA do not speak, the results missed the opportunity in hand, and it is the only time you ever miss the opportunity to love.Your advice: I was young pure love is also simple, if we can come together, should be very happy, but who have a love regret, just as there are too many to go to the end of love story, as long as the later seized the opportunity of fate, the hand of man is good.B, three stars two index regret personalized analysis: you are a pursuit of the cause of the people, manifested also very independent, you have the opportunity to love twice missed, because you somehow self-esteem and stubborn, not think not made a performance career, it is that the door does not properly account, does not receive a signal of love.Advice to you: If regret is the pain of breathing, the two love you ever miss the opportunity came to make you really sad, though you do not show it, but my heart true feelings to cheat.In fact, the fate of such a thing, a stop between a run will be easily missed, love to lay down excess self-esteem in order to timely harvest to the taste of happiness.C, three index regret two stars personalized analysis: you are a bit slow, a little too passive, get along with others when they wrong situation often get the wrong idea, so you have missed the opportunity to love amounted to as much as three times.Of which there are not confident you miss, you do not have a timely grasp of love missed, more than Lianrenweiman AUO has become each other friends forever.To your suggestions: love these opportunities have been missed, in fact, the main reason is that you are not mature enough, maybe I miss is a little regret, but also your views on love mature to go through, as it had the past memories of youth well, seize the opportunity to present and future, is what you should want to do a good job.d, more than three times the index regret star personality analysis: Are you really a good person romantic encounters, would love the opportunity to miss more than three times more reason is because it was too young, too arrogant attitude of feelings, and too loose.For example, it is then that silence is refused, and later learned that silence is tacit.Advice to you: If you love to the love, love the wrong youth, that you are too young to be missed, can be considered one of the youth chapter of the story, you can bet and remember, but not be overly immersive, treasure has been It has, or prospect of a lifetime of happiness is more important in hand.You might also like to re-answer: fate test: your red tie prison yet?Fate test: Can you come together and love it?Fate testing: test your peach signals coming your charm sort of, you know?




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