Who is your perfect match lover

New Year’s Valentine’s Day but also to the, I believe there are a lot of single friends would make a wish: I hope that their love can have a good start to bear fruit.But you know what is the most suitable type of lover you?Take a quiz to see in the year 2005, and their most paired lover in the end is what type?I wish you could all wishes come true, the other half met early in life.  Quiz Start: Please put the number of love donuts get together each question, and then control the final result.1, what inside your home, put the clothes closet if a lot of it?  Small, sometimes can not find the right clothes to wear embarrassing – ◎ okay, are some of the more commonly used to clothes – ◎◎◎ everything, man is to wear Fengfengguangguang can – ◎◎◎◎◎ 2, secretly ask a question, you see the road hotties capacity is not easy to heart it?  Not easy, I am not a casual person – ◎ sometimes, I have a special appreciation of the opposite sex type – ◎◎◎ will Yeah, my type was pretty broad – ◎◎◎◎◎ 3, if one day you can leapt Ying Guangmu, you’ll want to compare what kind of role-playing?  Acting superb ofActor – ◎ professional serious news anchor – ◎◎◎ many fans chasing idol singer – ◎◎◎◎◎ 4, feel very jealous of others who do?  Less likely.Everyone has each person’s characteristics and lifestyle – ◎ be a bit, especially with me in many ways resemble each other – ◎◎◎ I’m easy like this, I do not have too many people can live with the advantages – ◎◎◎◎◎ 5, if you do not accidentally fall in love with their own friends of the opposite sex, you will?  Huijian cut Qingsi completely eradicate this idea from the heart – ◎ I will not take the initiative, but will remain ambiguous friendships – ◎◎◎ I might take the initiative, as long as the other conditions really well, then – ◎◎◎◎ ◎ 6, if you find that you have to have a favorable impression of the opposite sex, and you have a good impression on him (her), how would you do?  Not how, like go with the flow – ◎ will begin to pay attention, take a look at him (her) in the end like doing besides – ◎◎◎ may take the initiative, or create opportunities for him (her) – ◎◎◎◎◎ 7, I thought I should be able to be a very independent person?  Yes, most of the things a person to get his or her own – ◎ I do not like to own one, may keep pets around – ◎◎◎ I can not stand the loneliness, the proportion of dependence on a friend’s pretty big – ◎◎◎◎◎ 8, whether for your own little things (such as a friend late) and angry it?  Jesus would sometimes feel that they really have a mule temper – ◎ If the person is a recidivist, I would probably be very angry – ◎◎◎ less likely, to get along with friends is better than good to go – ◎◎◎◎◎ 9, feel like a favorite people do housework?  Should be regarded, I like home looks clean, comfortable – ◎ okay, not too messy home most acceptable – ◎◎◎ does not seem like something my room would not put too tidy – ◎◎ ◎◎◎ 10, if you often annoyed his body will be fat?  Do not particularly worry, you can do the diet – ◎ there will be little more concerned about the ratio of asymmetry – ◎◎◎ In fact, I quite worried, always felt a certain place is not good enough – ◎◎◎◎◎ Test results: you Valentine is pairing.Less than 20 ◎ suitable for your mate lover: you are very talented heterosexual own ideas, not like the crowd, generally do not have character, no one’s thought of the opposite sex never expect to attract your attention.You’ll like too talented for the opposite sex, you probably have something like the opposite sex will take the initiative, but not easily expose your feelings, and the other party usually only be maintained in friendship, we would like to further Add more power, for example, about the other side go out to play or to see the exhibition, in fact, you would be perfect for each other.twenty one?30 ◎ suitable for your lover pairing: honest and kindly of the opposite sex you basically trust the opposite sex is not very, very nasty sex affair with contaminated some bad habits, which may also be the situation so dictates, so you will not easily make the opposite sex, and more It is a long-term coexistence, mutual understanding friend.Just such a passion for the opposite sex is also more up, more can not speculate on the other side Duochou fickle ideas.Do not rush to get angry, have patience and do communicate with each other.Perhaps the other side do not want to do, but really do not know how to do it.31?40 ◎ suitable for your lover pairing: humorous heterosexual your personality is quite lively, but also afraid of loneliness bored, so you will not like dead opposite sex, not like someone to talk to you all day long through preaching, speak some paradoxical truths, so you for witty conversation, ready to give you a fresh feeling of “Magic”.But everything should be in moderation, it is not equivalent to a little wayward vexatious, too challenging each other’s patience limit, no matter how interesting people are likely to stand and leave.41?50 ◎ suitable for your lover pairing: the generosity of the opposite sex more gold you are a very materialistic and sensual people, but also very afraid of living always the same, so you’ll want to be able to “Pretty Woman”, one day near to the wealthy, enjoy the splendor of life.This idea actually nothing wrong, but the wealthy son of the eldest brother who will not necessarily get you.Spend more time on their inner qualities, inner changes, the magnetic field has changed, you may not necessarily desire to reach.


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Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?