Measure your heart a few people, I actually lived three

Each person is an individual, but in the feelings in your body and your actions will reveal not a single-minded man.As always in love with a man of such love is certainly beautiful, but in real life there are a few people can do it?Most people will experience life in many segments of love, in the corner of his heart will not be home to a few people.So, your heart is home to a few people do?The following tests tell you the answer.In a dark and stormy night high night, because the party came back a little late, what you fear most experience?Suddenly the cat jumped out to look very insignificant young man just finished stealing thief ragged old A, no lover when you stop loving a person, his memory was completely crushed you out.So you will never be, because you do not love is not an impulse, but a summary of things.Maybe sometimes, you will want to warm up occasionally, but your heart strong reasons, will not make you nostalgic and back.Therefore, with the people you put into a relationship, it is the happiest person in the world, because you can make wise when you start each segment of romance, whole-heartedly investment, full of heart is only the other side, no one else.B, two impassioned lovers have two lovers forever in your heart, the two lovers are your two mirrors, often remind you, how to treat others, how to self-discipline.The two fall in love, one is parental love, one is love of children.Parents love Lovers always accommodate you, comfort your broken heart, you also needed to blow off Johnson to him, no matter how old you are physiological, as you can play like a child to lie, so below the belt, at the other bully.Popi rogue you in this state, feel each other because I love you for your tolerance and care.When you hurt, you see tears in the eyes of each other, so with infinite satisfaction, body pain seems not so important, but later, your deep remorse, you know your wayward She broke his heart, he began to leave you.Another lover, he’s like your children, like you want to be, but that can not become the person you seek him, to please him, you want to put on the world’s most expensive and rarest thing Pengdao him, you suddenly free from loose soul, transformed into a serious and responsible thinking carefully, you can not pay for the suppression of the lovers, and the lovers return a tiny bit of it makes you ecstatic, engraved in the heart.But one day, you feel tired and tired, so put away to do breakfast, says disappear disappeared, and my heart even talking about some saw it, he was really too sensible.And a lesson, then do not devote full silly.C, a lover because you are required to have a life of one, so once you’ve met a most consistent with the pursuit of your ideal partner, the lovers will be in your heart to be a role model lover.From then on, you encounter lover are you intentionally or unintentionally, the contrast with his.Contrast his current lover there is no hello, compared to the current lover he has no ability.Even when you’re falling out of love, you have to erase this habit of unsuccessful love, and my heart muttered: Or do you best.I just always loved you.So I became a lover immortal love in your heart, and only you get some official recognition of the exclusive affair.Here, for your sincere prayers to God, God ah boss!You save him!But then I thought but, see, God saved you sure boss, you do not necessarily self-help ah!Do not break the example of love, you can not be happy in the true sense of love.That your heart lovers example, is not really Hurray!You think about it, you is not easy ah.d, many lovers you are a story of people, other people can not imagine how life used to the relentless ravages of you, so that you encounter those brutal cold-blooded love.Therefore, when you are part of everyday people to seek advice on various issues of love, love these questions, guam towel, laughing, in front of you ashes.Perhaps, in the eyes of others you are a master, but only you knew, you these insights, but hand-cooked Seoul.Then, because too much experience, so although you know that love is how it is, you only have the courage to madness.When you face the person you really like, maybe you’re just separated by a distance curtains of a sudden, your heart kind of shy, but because of the unspeakable talk, discouraged him, to be carried out before a romance, you get away the.Too much of a lesson, so that you will be able to weave a variety of thin air with his end and fragments, too much warning, and let you keep an inventory of human weakness.  You might also like: who will control the measure of your love, I love what you said count measured in male God will grovel at her feet measured you how to change your love will be stronger taste test your ancient name


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Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?