Which rich constellation lazy marriage family

Marriage can be described as a major event in life, many people get married have a better vision, fantasy hall and people like to get married.But there is in the zodiac with such a number of people, they have a good career, a higher income and comfortable living conditions, but do not want to get married, these people are called lazy marriage family.But they do not because they are single and distress, but fun, to enjoy one’s life.  Want to know what constellation it rich lazy marriage family, want to know why they do lazy marriage?Then let me look at it together.  Sagittarius marriage lazy reason: the single life so rich, why cocoon bear the burden of marriage?  Yearning for freedom is the nature of obsession stimulate Sagittarius: a journey to say stay away, some want to love to love the feelings of a changing risky work a hearty life.Archer was not celibate, the heart does not exclude marriage, but they are more interested in enjoying the thrill of a single.A person overlooking the blue sky, a person can also be capricious all night, if a person is a bit lonely lonely, you can also invite two or three friends, wine tasting, health, Knock-off DVDs.Want accommodation can temporarily in a small town, understand the customs, Dankan Yunjuanyunshu; when you want to walk, backpack waved his sleeves, feel gratitude for a big step forward, not tied up with anything, not It is entangled in any situation.  Archer also eager to settle long marriage occasionally wandering tired, but this idea was quickly rejected by his own: Marriage means responsibility, which means smooth, once bound into the marriage family first, and their natural rebel, by how Siege of the storm had?Knowing that marriage failed to keep their own pace, then why delay the backs of others to make their irresponsible infamy?Let us look destined to go and still talk about it.So, after countless stubbed out the small flame of desire for marriage, the shooter is more and more “lazy” of.  Cancer lazy marriage reasons: fear far greater than the desire for marriage, I do not have confidence into this tomb of love.  Cancer is the desire of marriage, no doubt.They only desire is the only loyalty marriage: life only to join a person, regardless of illness and death, wealth and poverty, health problems, both good and bad fortune and common stubbornly persists.Cancer sometimes envy will be particularly parents, that generation who, although not free love, even before marriage even have the kind of personality future partner do not understand, but as long as the hand is the life.In contrast it now?Hand free, divorce everywhere, in right and left “accident tomorrow and I do not know what a first-come,” the idea of death-defying pleasure, just a moment of joy, as if the meaning of marriage is also only with the willing in this one through thick and thin, whenever encountered rag suffering, family disintegration is inevitable.  Even God preference suffering bypass, can this world there are so many temptations in waiting, what five years of pain seven-year itch, so all kinds of cheating divorce drama staged.Cancer does not know when marriage becomes every family-like child’s play, when a marriage certificate is really worth only nine dollars With what attitude they should get married, saying marriage is the tomb of love, but now even the grave. It is temporary, and that this does not end with the marriage knot what are?Its marriage to experience pain, it is better to such a drag.  You might also like: inventory taste of love when zodiac constellations which will be a friend in the name of love?  What constellation can pay all twelve constellations of the patron saint of love are what?


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