Wind floated wet rain

Thin early spring rain drenched Chu Yan fly at the moment I was alone quietly standing at the window combing mind that is not yet melted just fade away a winter snows and ulterior motives blossomed plum filled with coffee and cigarettes love the taste of long waves in Liangxiaowucai where I saw a lonely tree lonely float in the air and rain intimate conversation I can feel clear words had hurt the skin and let the umbrella of love implies tears wet wind floated in the rain an early spring day gently intoned butterfly and the soul of a peach Bingdi opening verses lightly moisten dry fly for a long-burning through the Book of Acacia February 24, 2010 [editor: can children]


The new job after rail competition, naturally no small advantage.Liu usually do not look much, but I was actually very clear, that at what time to show their.


Character, definitely not ordinary people.


Scores are not low when the blade iris, and the second area of focus have sent thirds.The results when a two-blade iris proposal did not agree, she felt that the school score so high, it should be pretty good, besides beheaded rather do not do Pteris, the results of it?


Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?