Latter Days [folklore] Call for Papers

(Night was supposed to paint it dark?And she has not gone through a dark night!- Inscription.) 1 Shanshan a late bloomer huge strawberry (who today is in the grip of her palm which a dried fruit!) After Lilian summer season shed Rubao clear emerald teardrop-like melting icebergs as ancient as heavy sadness 2 my children: “When you live in groups, I have been staring at you – far stood in clouds; when you’re alone, I always focus on you – singing whisper in your ear; and when the night sometime, I will also become loyal Stars on your head; my song, once inhabit your eye in – the extension of your sight traction in the heart of the universe; and when my voice over the years and retired, my song, still alive in your heart and lively!”3 East Fangyu Xiao, there is a burst of positive whistles across the sky  ..


The new job after rail competition, naturally no small advantage.Liu usually do not look much, but I was actually very clear, that at what time to show their.


Character, definitely not ordinary people.


Scores are not low when the blade iris, and the second area of focus have sent thirds.The results when a two-blade iris proposal did not agree, she felt that the school score so high, it should be pretty good, besides beheaded rather do not do Pteris, the results of it?


Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?