Latter Days [folklore] Call for Papers

(Night was supposed to paint it dark?And she has not gone through a dark night!- Inscription.) 1 Shanshan a late bloomer huge strawberry (who today is in the grip of her palm which a dried fruit!) After Lilian summer season shed Rubao clear emerald teardrop-like melting icebergs as ancient as heavy sadness 2 my children: “When you live in groups, I have been staring at you – far stood in clouds; when you’re alone, I always focus on you – singing whisper in your ear; and when the night sometime, I will also become loyal Stars on your head; my song, once inhabit your eye in – the extension of your sight traction in the heart of the universe; and when my voice over the years and retired, my song, still alive in your heart and lively!”3 East Fangyu Xiao, there is a burst of positive whistles across the sky  ..


Which rich constellation lazy marriage family


Wind floated wet rain


Singing and dancing Muren


Rich man’s trick (outside a)