Singing and dancing Muren

More recently, Haicheng to a different man named Huss.He’ll legend different technique, especially good at woodworking, he made wooden bird, wings after twisting authorities will be able to fly overhead; do wooden boat, can automatically sailing in the sea; even more peculiar is that he can do something dumb, for their own beck and call.Wooden life-size and similar, both hands and feet and head move freely, able to walk, will dress, but also cooking kettle.    Here’s surname white magistrate, was sent new, arrival soon, I heard that afterwards, it is not believed, so he disguised as businessmen look, personally come to explore more carefully.    Aarhus white magistrate to the door, knocked on the door, the door opened, a child came out, stand in the door, let him in.White magistrate said: I come from the north, Jiumu delicate craft your master, and have come to visit today.    Aarhus inside after hearing, said: both distance off, how can they neglect?Come quickly.That a child, the magistrate took into white.    To the inner chamber, served tea to children, Hoss told him: do not need you here, go porch to wash my clothes.Thus, the children sat on the porch laundry, very deft hands and feet.    White magistrate hearing the children giggle tub pound was sound, it is curious to ask Aarhus: This child body bone thin, why so strong?    Hoss laughed and said: He was originally a wooden.Do not believe the white magistrate, Aarhus children come to call, slipping his left arm sleeves, white magistrate closer look, this child’s arm really is made of wood, this I believe the Aarhus able to produce for their own wooden handle legend, feel secretly wonder.    White magistrate squinting his eyes and thought: himself as a magistrate, although no shortage wait around him, but himself as head of a county, that is how many people hate?Which might wind high on the black night, someone will be waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the house to assassinate.People around him, even the confidant, also sometimes nod, if there is not such a tired, can handle any wood people, that Jiuhaola!    When I think about the white magistrate on the spot bright and clear his identity, Aarhus one, fear not help it, he kept said: I do not know classic villains arrived and neglect lord, Zuigaiwansi.    White magistrate Hey smile, a few polite, then said get down to business: To make a wooden Aarhus for him, but also must be a woman.Aarhus listened, his face hesitation, said: Caomin limited skills, I am afraid master will be disappointed.    White magistrate face changed: you can create for your own beck and call of children, I will not be able to master production of a maid?You’re looking down on me, or is afraid I can not afford wages?    He said a few words, suddenly Aarhus body trembled, sweating, where they dare to refuse?White magistrate immediately ordered: to give you a month’s duration, the man made out of wood.After a month, I can not see the wood man, I Xiuguai ruthless!Then he sped away.    From that day, I began to start the Aarhus.White magistrate afraid of Aarhus sabotage, in addition to the overseer sent outside, they still Gesanchawu go home to see Aarhus making progress.First time, I saw Huss in the workshop made two wooden arm; the second time, you see Huss made two wooden legs; the third time, see Aarhus done some wood skeleton.Saw three times, Aarhus expel him, saying: Master, this will not be seen again.    White magistrate eyes stare, ask: Why?Huss said: after the assembly of the overall precision, complicated, I need absolute quiet, if people are present, make me distracted, distracted goes awry, I’m afraid people made out of wood is not satisfactory.    White magistrate listened, secretly muttered: Well you stink craftsman, I let you, such as the wooden well, I get back to you afterwards!The thought that he would hypocritically smiled and said: As long as Mr. scheduled to hand over the wood people, as you wish.Then he was gone, but also a show of people to monitor the full withdrawal.    A month later, the woman wooden Aarhus really well, he did not wait, hastily rushed to the county government, she dedicated the white magistrate.White magistrate did not want to let other people know these things, let the inner chamber Aarhus spot test.    Aarhus patted woman wooden head, she would move to walk; pulling her hands, turning his head on the wooden female human being, and whether to walk or watch others, act exactly like a real person.White magistrate heart was very surprised and happy, people turn a few laps around the wood, for Hoss said: Mr. God people, Mr. capable, but even that year Zhuge Wuhou strange enough!Huss is not modesty, he said: Wuhou Zhuge wooden ox can pack food to walk, I do dumb not only walk, but also singing and dancing, to accompany drinking.    A white magistrate, happier, and said: If so, then let the beauty offer fast dance song at!    So, Huss would clap clap, said: singing and dancing!Carter, something really magical happened: I saw the woman wooden slowly rotating body, Smooth talker, began to sing, but also sing and dance.Sang a few songs, dance a few times, female wooden cup of wine on the table, walked slowly toward the front of the white magistrate, ogle, white schematic magistrate drinking.White magistrate rejoicing, their bones crisp, put that glass in one gulp, they applauded again and again, numerous tours of the Aarhus.Huss said: This is the man with female wood Caomin exhaustive effort to make, life will this one, and hope magistrate adults cherish.Then he received a good dowry, and floated away.    That evening, white magistrate drinking and watching women wooden singing and dancing, I saw her skirt and elegant color, flashing stature, until the white magistrate’s eyes see straight.At this point, that woman a wooden Xuanshen, has been transferred to him, Qunjiao Yixian, even showing up as creamy white thighs.White magistrate his fingers, knocked on the wooden woman’s thigh, only to hear the sound of gurgling, which is obviously what is the sound of tapping wood; more surprising is the white magistrate, people around the wood, even still exudes true woman’s body fragrance faint!    At that moment, a white magistrate could not help but be entranced, he held out his hand to touch the women wooden legs.The woman wooden hehe smile, small hand moved, took a thigh was handed down, thrust it into the arms of a white magistrate.White magistrate stroked the thigh, looked carefully to see that it is indeed a wooden leg, but also made of solid hardwood texture!    White magistrate looked at carefully, could not help but ecstatic, just as he Wangshen the admiration of the occasion, suddenly, female wooden hand a wooden leg press agency, said at that moment, one moment occurs between the thighs a small hole.At the time of the surprise white magistrate, suddenly shot a knife holes in the white magistrate surprise, hurrying to get away, but where to avoid them open?Flying direct shot in his heart, he was pointing to the wooden female, but could not speak, instantly covered with black, dead.    Female wooden cold smile, said: Siyouyugu!Then she immediately Place the artificial leg again safe in the body, to the yard, directed at the sky and clapped her hands, the air suddenly sounded wings flapping sound, followed, dropping a large bird.The bird is also made of wood, wood women who ride on its back, twist authorities, wooden birds vacated on the wings, and soon disappeared in the night.    Wooden bird fly ah fly, gradually, there has been an automatic sailing boats on the sea, the birds fell wooden boat, Huss had long been waiting.Female wooden front Hus knelt down and bowed down again and again, said: Thank you paladin help of grace, so I finally called the father of the blood feud.Hoss quickly hold her and said: you walking, off to much ceremony.You are revenge for the father, I am a teacher revenge.    It turned out wooden female is actually a real person, she was originally on the East China Sea island a hermit’s daughter, named vial.The white magistrate, before doing the magistrate, this is the rampant piracy of the East China Sea, nicknamed white eyelids.On one occasion, white eyelid caught in a gale, to the island refuge, is rescued hermit.One day, by chance among white eyelids hermit found in possession of a lot of treasure, suddenly see Choi spur of the moment, while not anti hermit killed him.Although vial escaped, but also in the infected Flying white eyelids, her thigh will waste a.Vial for a few days hiding in the cave, just met Aarhus.This Huss, a young man went to the island thanks to the hermit as a teacher, learned a legend, different technique, including that Shenhuan unpredictable woodwork, after leaving the master, has been in the political arena chivalric.This time the teacher came to visit, just to save a dying vial.Later, I heard the eyelids to spend money buying and white, the magistrate did, so wanted revenge.Helpless white eyelids martial arts, will inevitably suffer if recklessly, Aarhus decided to outsmart, he would do first release wooden messages in Haicheng, lead white eyelids come; then children confuse white eyelids, he believed himself to be true real people doing ordinary wood.In fact, it is the children of disabled children Aarhus shelter, he was just a child safety arm just made of wood.Later, take the opportunity to Aarhus white woman wood eyelids to him who, in order to secure a vial artificial leg, she was handed over after posing some white eyelids, and Invitation to a Funeral, the successful assassination, reported a blood feud


The new job after rail competition, naturally no small advantage.Liu usually do not look much, but I was actually very clear, that at what time to show their.


Character, definitely not ordinary people.


Scores are not low when the blade iris, and the second area of focus have sent thirds.The results when a two-blade iris proposal did not agree, she felt that the school score so high, it should be pretty good, besides beheaded rather do not do Pteris, the results of it?


Fate test: How many times have you pass by the sum of love?