Road Tokyo return to Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s much warmer in winter than in Washington, Li Xuan finally took off his thick coat jacket.

  The most important thing is to return to Hong Kong listed company ACON, before Li Xuan.ACON has just recently completed a round of private placement, Dongfang Electronics 4 per share.The price of 5 pounds, sold a total share capital to four funds and venture capitalists shares of 80 million shares in 2000.And the Houai Kang’s IPO listing plan, the public will also issue 20 million shares to the market, bringing the total share capital reach 100 million shares.
  Different from the issuance, Dongfang Electronics of the private action, based on the identity of major shareholders equity transfer, so 4 per share.5 pounds.Involving a total of 20 million shares to 90 million pounds of funding, not to enter the ACON’s account, but into account Dongfang Electronics.
  This is a cash before taking advantage of Dongfang Electronics is listed on the actions carried out.To know the public offering to raise funds belong to the listed company Acorn Computers.And as the controlling shareholder of Dongfang Electronics.ACON held after the stock market had a long period of lock-up period.
  Even after the lock-up period, cash holdings of major shareholders want not only need to be reported to the stock exchange, the market is still likely to lead to concerns about the status of listed companies, we believe it will cause the company stock price volatility.
  So, taking advantage of pre-IPO start of the operation, funding opportunities and other risks involved, the first part can be secured cash.90 million pounds of funding, up to the current exchange rate of HK $ 10.8.9 billion.After being listed on Apple’s stock price soaring


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