Looking for horses

That day, a dark horse said to his horse: “I’m going to look for horses, do you go?”People listened to Ma said:” We are Maxima, why we are going to look for horses?You’re not Maxima, I found the horses will not become Maxima!”But the dark horse decided to go in search of horses.Dark horse to pull myself together, embarked on a journey.Dark Horse everyone that asked: “Do you know where it Bole?”I asked the man said:” You’re looking horses, do you Maxima?”Dark horse said: ‘I am not a Maxima, I want to let him recommend me.’I asked the man smiled, did not speak.Dark horse know that people laugh at it, despise it.But the way it is still a far-off run, non-stop, over the mountains.Day after day, month after month, although the dark horse hard, but it is not only weight loss, but because of the long run to get stronger and more powerful the legs and feet.Dark horse ran a lot of road, or did not find horses, so it began to run back.Dark horse back to the original place, all the horse gloat asked it: “Do you find the right horses?”Dark horse, said:” Although I did not find horses, but after such a long run, I became Maxima, more importantly, I found myself that own horses.”People hear Sidongfeidong horse, he asked:” their horses?”Dark horse, said:” As a horse, horses can not wait to find themselves, they have to find themselves, their own achievements!”This time, all the horses understand.Come back soon, horses came in the dark horse, dark horse recommend the horses went to the palace.User sentiment experience is the greatest wealth, no matter how high a person has talent, and then a big skill, if stagnant, then all the advantages will eventually be abandoned.Daniel Lee / recommend recommend the latest information for your sauna


When the external environment have anything touch you, remember to look inside


Road Tokyo return to Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s much warmer in winter than in Washington, Li Xuan finally took off his thick coat jacket.


You desire to achieve, and you will be taken away lease of life.”


Susan Miller Pisces one week horoscope (10.10-10.16)