The constellation will harass each other under the guise of love

True love should be free to the other side, the other side will not feel any pressure.But life is always someone in the name of love under the guise of other kinds of harassment, but also firmly said that he’s right, because love to do so.So the twelve constellations, in the end who will be the name of the other party do love the guise of harassment?With a look at it.  Aries: Aries is the kind of stalker very persistent feelings of people in the event they like, they do no matter how others think, but will want to make a variety of stalker nodded in agreement with the other party they together.In fact, for people who do not love them, this is a form of harassment, with the lives of others has brought a lot of trouble, it will only make them dislike each other more.  Cancer: Cancer self-righteous though the surface looked gentle, very gentle and polite, but this is their appearance.In fact, they are a very self-righteous people, they always feel that he is a very good person, like on the other side of the other side is certainly a blessing, so they seek is variety of people when righteous, thinking that the other is just playing hard to get, so they have no pressure harass people.  Capricorn: Capricorn interfere with each other’s love life is really giving a very disturbing feeling that they do not like to say directly, but will appear every day in each other’s eyes blind swinging, so that when you want to deny them and not start because they did not directly indicate their intention.So sometimes make people feel helpless, they feel seriously affected the normal life, they must be sick about every day.  Libra: Libra is very aggressive emotionally is a very impulsive person, if they like a person, no matter how the other side think they are intended for direct use strong means to let each other know.Their love is very aggressive, it will not only spread by their own possessive of each other, but also allowed others to close.In fact, this practice so they often arouse resentment.


When the external environment have anything touch you, remember to look inside


Road Tokyo return to Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s much warmer in winter than in Washington, Li Xuan finally took off his thick coat jacket.


You desire to achieve, and you will be taken away lease of life.”


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