The constellation or a man do, do not fall like a Jour

Recent stock market, seems to have let some people some of the less satisfied, we all feel the winter cold in the midst of the green.  For such cases, China’s investors should have some mental preparation, but still some people, ah sit still!  By analyzing these constellations of character, they still do man?Stocks have fallen, just like the same Jour!The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Aries men: Oh, they fell, went to the so-called hanging a crying two busy three hanging, such a routine, no one does not know.When the initial stock is still hovering high, and do not know how many people are waiting to see the stock go down on a little longer, a little longer, but did not think, go in their own funds, all so suddenly disappear.Aries ah these people, they are also running out of patience, when I first saw others making money, and he began to enter the market, did not expect to go in diving, also clamored to hang himself?!  Capricorn M: I told you, that do not fly!  For Chinese investors, the vast majority of individual investors have a certain strength, or the number of middle-aged friends, they have some spare cash, or hands, or retirement home, nothing else, but the most frustrating of xiaonianqing they hands not so much spare cash, after all, buy a house, to engage in business.Capricorn is a middle-aged man inside that wave of people, they began to suspect that the stock market can make money, then see other people make money, then go himself, already late, and this time, they just wake up.Virgin male: the timing is not perfect!  For many people, so the stock market, can not lose money even if the good, and if there are people there to make money in this market, seems to have been an unlikely thing.Virgo these guys, how they do it?I do not know, just know that they are the same as Jour complain, complain that they have not seized the opportunity, just like the village women do not choose to buy a home as well tofu.  Pisces men: one killed these people make me forget Pisces ah, their hearts investors throughout the inside, relatively good, but unfortunately what they put in there a little bit more money, it seems that for this reason, let Pisces in this market where they can no longer remain calm, said they want to buy a piece of tofu killed.  The stock market, when there is profit, but also as a loss of time, there are high-yield, there will be high risk, it is inevitable.  As an adult, you should be able to produce what the consequences of their behavior, to make certain estimates.  If such estimates are not the point, then the stock market so when, what kind of things happen, it seems can not blame others!You might also like: homework until the last moment will not sign an ace!The most delicate harmless pretend these constellations constellation female is very easy to become no brain spray zodiac dates division manner on the network


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