Under what circumstances Zodiac girls do not return information?

Each man in love, are very eager waiting around anywhere in the beloved girl, even if she is no longer around, but also knew what she was doing.If there are so few hours, his girlfriend suddenly “lost contact”, then he would like ants on a hot pan, fidgeted.  So, under what circumstances, twelve constellations girl would take “lost contact” to deal with a man it?Please take a look at it with me.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Aries women: reading Aries woman is a very lively person, there is little time to be able to do one thing at ease.If the day she resolved ease of reading, it only shows that she turn temper.At this time, you should go to encourage her, and not to harass her.So, she does not return your message is supposed.  Taurus woman: Taurus woman eat at dinner time, usually maintain a high degree of focus, some people do not like to interrupt her enjoyment of food.If you are a non do so, it would wait for her to finish what you pack it again.  Two children: two children and girlfriends shopping like Journey to the West, although a lot of love, but not like two people twenty-four hours are glued together.She should have their own space and time to deal with their own private affairs.For example, to go shopping for clothes, the way in and admire the man on the street.  Female Cancer: Cancer woman talking with my mother loves his family, before you become her family, she usually will not put you in the first place.So, since as long as she comes home, you try to go crazy, anyway, she would not take the initiative to manage your.If you go behind the times often interfere with her grandchildren enjoy it, but will blame your ignorance.  You may like: The biggest drawback concept of time twelve constellations ranking twelve constellations which constellation most likely to collapse?  When the performance of the 12 constellations hot-headed


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