2018 Zodiac end of the year will deposit the remaining number

Ability of each person deposits are different, and some people live frugally, and the rest of the year can be a lot of money.However, some people spend too recklessly, often there is no other scruples, leaving very little natural.So today let’s take a look at twelve constellations of the end of 2018, the remaining will be how much money it?  Aries: Aries 3000 is not a person likes to save money, for them, life is very short, it should be carpe diem job.So they will probably leave some emergency money, almost 3,000 other will be spent.  Taurus: 5000 Taurus also want to save money down, they are a very cautious person.Unfortunately, they encountered a lot of broken things beyond our control, has been Huaqianxiaozai, so toss down throughout the year, and finally the rest of 5000 yuan.  Gemini: 50,000 Gemini is the kind of obviously own money, but will save it without spending.Parents own specialized to chew, bite lover, or even eating siblings.So they had a very chic look, in fact, their deposits are many, there are 50000.  Cancer: 40,000 in the eyes of many, Cancer is particularly stingy that kind of person.Obviously not low wages, but their lives are particularly frugal meal but can not bite to eat meat, so a year down to save 40,000 yuan.  Leo: Leo 0 paycheck to paycheck, their hands are what save any money.There are often surplus, will want to take out.They think that money is not kept with their own, be considered only spend out of their own, so by the end, they will not have the deposit.  Virgo: 20,000 Virgo is more expected of that kind of person, in addition to their basic salary overhead, very seldom will then just squandering.Because the crisis is very conscious Virgo, so by the end, they probably still be able to survive 20000.


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