Good scenery in paradise

An early autumn day, we have a line go to Taoyuan County of Hunan folk songs, I thought, seeing is believing, have the opportunity to see the true style of the Taoyuan.    We sailed along the Yuanjiang go to Taoyuan County.Many people are on board a special look at the Taoyuan.South of September, sunny, autumn.Along the way, white clouds, Huan Huan river, shore Yiyi, beautiful countryside blowing, it is very nice.I sometimes think of Tao Yuanming’s “Peach Blossom Spring”, who emerged out of mind fisherman in Wuling Taohuaxi paddled boat to the scene looking for paradise.Peach Blossom Peach Blossom Spring in the mountains, in the face Man Jiang Bitou Yuanjiang, backed by the Wuling mountain peaks tall and graceful, is a key cultural relics protection units.A step into paradise, as if all of a sudden into the Qionglouyuyu, Delicate cloud clean wonderland, he felt relaxed and happy.There is a very ancient temple of the Tao, peach concept, Jixian temple and met Xianqiao, Qin Kwu Tung and other monuments.Some ancient literati, in Jixian temple walls, poem writing, writing their longing and praise of paradise.We have not the time to go, I do not see the number of Peach Creek Gaan hundred paces of fallen flowers, but also taste delicious than the huge Xiantao, but everywhere enjoy the lush beauty of Taoyuan.Whole paradise, Gusong Wei Wu stands, Hsinchu tall trees, flowers are vying Tuyan, berries mountains and plains, rare birds just crowing, lengthy wandering clouds, springs ringing sounds, gurgling streams flowing.Is so elegant, is so elegant, is so simple, is so charming, there is indeed regarded as a veritable paradise on earth.    Bid farewell to paradise, we will be in Taoyuan County in Autopia sightseeing, head to Bai Yang from the Nine Dragon River, the reservoir from aloe to Huangshan station, got into the car and sometimes blotting out the sun, walking through the mountain woodlands nestled in the shade, sometimes in Mercedes-Benz on the majestic riverside levees.Today Taoyuan, over the green mountains, beautiful plains, depicting colorful drawing exhibition is now in front of.At this time, we find the whole Taoyuan County has a greater paradise, a beautiful and rich, true, true paradise.    Taoyuan Mountain, Castle Peak is not old.Mountain connected endlessly rising Emerald.That never see the original naked “head monk”, is full of Kiriyama, Takeyama, Dasan, flower and fruit mountain, all covered with fresh green installed and grace and the.Stretching the size of the county’s hills, trees are all gray, dense noble spirit, constitute a vibrant, thriving green Taoyuan.    Taoyuan water, Bristol Flows.Trans Baiyanghe county, the river dredging, straightening, and on which, in the downstream dam erected respectively, both water and drought, but also transport power.During the day, the ship loaded with cargo from the shuttle, the night Yindeng flashing lights shimmering off each other really beautiful.Reservoir Hill Khouang, dotted, as bright pearl inlaid in emerald land of Taoyuan, the Taoyuan dress more rich, more handsome.    Taoyuan see the new look, can not help but think of Mao Zedong that “today is bleak autumn, a changed world!”Verse.At the same time, however, think of Tao Yuanming oil also aspire to “paradise”.People no longer have to issue a “spring water over the peach, do not distinguish xianyuan where can we find,” the lament.History has replied in the affirmative: “Xanadu” does not exist.Illusory “Xanadu” is the fantasy of Tao Yuanming, bright flowery Taoyuan Taoyuan new look is created by the people.Indeed, the people, only people, are the real driving force pushing history forward; the people, the people alone, to create a better world of true heroes; the people, only the people, are the true masters of the universe dominated Fairview!


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