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For a grander sight, a higher level, because it contains profound philosophical and widely eulogized for the people, the so-called station later to see farther.Not only that, standing on what kind of height, but also directly determine a person’s mind, determine a person’s actions, thoughts, but also directly determine a person can eventually get what kind of achievement.    Only lofty ideals, to motivate people not to difficulties and courageously stated objectives toward the front line.All times countless heroes finally been able to accomplish great in difficult conditions, one important reason is that they mind the lofty ideals and beliefs, with perseverance, overcoming all obstacles of power.On the contrary, if a person is not lofty ideals and beliefs, it is possible unexamined, powerless, wasted life, even corrupt, astray.    Character vertical height.That is, people’s quality of character, he is the most essential human things, including human morality, acted, look at the issue of attitudes and ways of doing things.The wider world, there is nothing more to win people’s trust and respect than to have good character.Character is to the success, as if the blood is to the human.Should not have good blood, people can not survive in the world of health; if a person without a good character, it can not stand in this world.    Knowledge scale new heights.A man in a limited life in order to enhance their life height, you need to constantly scale the heights on knowledge, because the more extensive a man’s knowledge, broaden their horizons more.Zi in “Encouraging Learning” and said: I tasted all day and thinking men, as a moment of what they have learned too.I try and hope to carry on foot with six toes, as Climbing Bo See also.Knowledge Although we can not increase the length of a person’s life, but can change the width of a human life, enrich the connotation of a human life, enhance the value of a human life.


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