Towers festival and autumn tiger

[Editor’s note: “Reeds gray, dew cream; called Iraqi people in the water side.Back from the whirl, road resistance and long; back of the tour, Wan in the central water.”I remember the rain has lamented autumn tiger is chased back to the mountains in the article, the fall came.Now look at the shadow of autumn are gone, did not see the falling leaves, did not see it gave me a cold title, “north” of the wind, there is still choking the air mixed with the hot air makes the heat.   Yesterday, twenty-four solar terms in the White Dew.Every year usually in September 7, 8 was the dew.According to projections, this time, the sun over one hundred sixty-five degrees longitude, so cool nights, and the water from the air condenses into dew, named “White Dew”.    We here, before and after the dew perennial, and more generally for rainy days, and in seven days or so, relatively cool, commonly known as “yin and Towers”.Experience so that it is widely believed, “Yin White Dew” and saying, “Bailu,” the legend.Legend Towers is a very amazing chef, craft crown when the world, even the favorite two words are not picky emperor.One day, the emperor asked Towers: “What the world’s best food to eat?”White Dew replied:” salt!”Do not want the emperor wanted to show off their own ‘delicacies’, while the dew is actually even boast of civilians are seen widespread ‘salt’.Salt how “the best food”?”Qijunzhizui” Yeah, Emperor angrily to kill Towers, and inform the imperial kitchen, not salt within seven days.Consecutive seven days delicacies not salt, eat more emperor wanted to vomit, you know victimizes Towers.Emperor good regret, to use Yubi wrote on Su Juan “wrong cut is no longer exposed to the light of day seven days” in large letters, there happened to Meet minister, the emperor did not want to let others know that they “regret”, they hurriedly burned word silk, the burning, passing just to accept Cheng Huang, Cheng Huang goes to the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor “quasi-outs”, so there will be a commemoration of the dew “White Dew” section and the “yin and Towers”.    There are legends, said it was time the dew in the day, at first light appeared, people fell in love, the man will be a “symbol of the goddess of tears,” the emerald, handed the hands of a lover, then this No matter lovers What suffering, their love will always be very strong.    Legends return to legend, this day is real.We here in Hunan, from September 2 to date, every day heat, autumn tiger again, oh well insolent.Above the indoor temperature is generally 27 to 37 degrees, enough to choke the die.However, according to weather forecast, the high temperature will not continue for too long, and the temperature slowly decreased slightly.Do not worry, this thing after all, help people by day.It seems, “traditional” argument is difficult to tradition, “Yin Towers” will be past it, you never know, but one thing you can say for this unusual climate, our self-inflicted.[Editor: easy to get along]


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