Good heart will blossom

That day, she came to the newspaper to me, saying that a mentally handicapped daughter from home and lost for seven years.Seven years, the family made a number of advertising flyers, did not find her.But her mother’s intuition, believes his daughter has also been living in this world, we have heard that the newspaper came a wandering girl, she take a look.  I received the girl in front of her, she suddenly Zheng Zhu, and then the tears streaming down uproar.She eagerly pulled the girl’s hand and said, is this girl, she is, yes, my little magnolia.  She was a judge and Magnolia girl, but very blankly at her, put his hand desperately pumping out from her old pair of hands.Her and, with no impression.She had the brains not so good, but in the past seven years, they will not remember me.She lifted the clothes a bit wiped tears from his eyes, his face showing a happy smile.  At that moment, I even believe that the girl is struggling to find her daughter for seven years.I hope that is the truth.But we still have to comply with the rules of science, waiting for them to do a paternity test, in order to make a final conclusion, in order to be responsible for each of them.  During that time waiting for the results, she asked to take her home out.Outer floated so many years, she compensated to take your child.We agreed.  The results came out was a bit slow, it is a long time to come, she never appeared in my office.She even asked not to ask.Also, what is more accurate than a mother’s feeling it?  We can not think of anyone, her feelings will be wrong.Test results came out, the girl, not the slightest kinship with her.A thin paper, let all her hope and love in vain.I actually hate those eventful some rules, there are so advanced modern high-tech.  We went directly to her home, hope to use the most tactful way to express this regret to her.Go, she is giving Magnolia hair.More than a month’s time no see, magnolia and when we first met, totally different person.Face up against white washed, reveals a hint of red, a mess of long hair into two tails and sub shine light, wearing a red floral dress festive.Only her eyes, still somewhat blankly for our arrival, did not show much enthusiasm.She led us into the room, his eyes are never left magnolia.  She said the child, which came more than a month, finally something to remember, and my mind is still not working, but she does not mind, she wants to use the remaining time to love her.Yuehua Jian, her other children have also come in several.See, they are all the same with his mother love with the sister regained.Moreover, they are the same with her, did not doubt share the results I brought them.  Around most of the day, I still hesitated to speak.I said, the results came out, Magnolia could not you’re looking for the child.She was like do not understand, has a smile on his face, he said dismissively, what you say?Magnolia is not my child?Said joke.  I handed her the result, she says, shaking his head, not read, this child is our.In the end she is young and naive son home, he took it, smiling face slowly froze, Mom, she’s not my sister.  She did not laugh, look back at the Magnolia, and grabbed the share of detecting book, tears streaming down slowly, how this is so, how can this?She has been muttered for a long time, even when out of the house we did not send out.  That afternoon, just getting back to our car unit.They have to teach a person standing outside the gates of our.She took Magnolia’s hand, leaving a big package on the magnolia arm, stuffed with food and clothes.  She said that since she is not our children, we send her back, and then went to help her find you loved it, and then help us look for our Magnolia.When these said, her eyes had been red.Really, for such an outcome, we did not need to surprise.But, still I feel it a bit too fast.  They put the girl to us, he hurried away.  Two missing person, like two heavy stone press in each of our hearts.  Can not find the girl’s family, we had to arrange her stay.She did not realize tremendous change their own destiny happen in an instant, in our office curious to take a look at the East West touch.  Dinner hours that day, she suddenly asked her mother how not to pick me up?I said a moment to take home.My heart suddenly shrink up.She in the end still have the impression of the home.  Next, we are busy looking for their loved ones for girls, for her, to find her real Magnolia.  Unexpectedly, a few days later, she came again, accompanied by his son.Renowned for us, she eagerly asked, magnolia it, how about her these days?  We are sorry to answer, she magnolia has not any news yet.She said that was wrong, I’m talking now of Magnolia.I’m a little confused.  She explained that we brought home Magnolia.Go back much deliberation, we still can not let go of her.How to say, this child and we have fate, though she is a fake Magnolia, we decided to her, until she found a true home so far, can not be found, we’ll keep her life.  This time, we did not expect the.  Where we want to be good to her, she is also the father and mother of the meat fell from him, her father and mother also did not know she was tugging at her heart it.The world is always more than good, maybe, our Magnolia, at the moment it is also followed the good-hearted people to enjoy life once again took the girl looked at her hand out of the door of the newspaper, my eyes wet.  Yes, they will be fine, because, every corner of the world this fall, there will be good people like her, good heart.  Think of next spring sky, dandelion seeds, by the force of the breeze, then drifting into every corner of the field, landing on rooting germinate, and then out of a bright golden flowers.Each and good heart, will be like this simple seed, by an east wind, really make the most beautiful flowers, blooming all over every corner of the world.


When the external environment have anything touch you, remember to look inside


Road Tokyo return to Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s much warmer in winter than in Washington, Li Xuan finally took off his thick coat jacket.


You desire to achieve, and you will be taken away lease of life.”


Looking for horses