During that fleeting memory lost in high school called

During that lost in the fleeting memory called high school students sent on the bus, and my heart started to miss, I would like to meet again when it?Not without parting before, but not like that kind of feeling, respectively,.The heart sour, so when his own sentimental, and it is the reason studying away from home?After leaving the beautiful island it?Tears began to feel how easy it is shed, a man began to learn to cope with all kinds of things begin to learn a person’s life, and thus began a new life alone.High School, lost in the fleeting memory of that period.High school, tired, bitter, very happy, very happy, very full.Can not remember which day, the students say I miss that time, that is because they missed a fulfilling life or because college life is empty it?So have those thoughts do.University is free, a little tired of the freedom.Slowly learn to run Internet cafes to spend time after school, and slowly learned in the dorm at the mobile phone in a daze, and slowly learn to miss a person’s home warm at night, and slowly learn to miss, so full of laughter high school, and learned a man to the sky and slowly say I want to go back.Go back, go back to what?In fact, I want to return to that school right!In the memories of that legacy, to go back to get it back.A tall, very glad to be admitted, because the election is only a school volunteer, while he is always trying for that school, at the time of their choice in the future I will not want to pass the test to study, and perhaps more reason it.But the real test into it should be very sad it!Some words to talk about it, do not be too stubborn.To a strange environment, I feel very lonely, because only you have been a person.But time is always able to heal the wounds of the heart.Time seems to dilute all.New friends, new life, new own.At the time I was just thought to learn.I remember that time, used to shut doors and windows last person to leave the classroom, the teacher’s habit of quietly listening to the lecture, accustomed to living alone in a strange environment.Key classes, the teacher has hope, with parents expectations, with eager students.For junior high school three years of regular classes for me, but still feel like regular classes.Perhaps their only common feeling like an ordinary bar!A quirk of fate it!I think so.I originally belong to this general class of ordinary people assigned to focus on classes.There was a time, in their own silent struggle, strive for their own ideals.After all, the facts can not be changed, so re-learning.Learning the atmosphere of key classes, learning to adapt to the vision of the teacher’s encouragement, learning to adapt to key classes marvelous eyes.After a period of time, nothing of science, with similar language, have similar ideals, have had similar, so I find a good feeling.Then, on a high and then slowly passed.High School, memories are always in their own learning.Time to let the students have known each other, sitting in the same classroom learning.Arts, called a lot of things to be back.The facts have proved that.Luan remember yourself every day and go home together to discuss the painful rote two people together, hands always holding a book.That book is because they get it!So I liked it, cherish.Now it should be quiet sleep in the box, that period of time with my long time, very hard, but also taught me a lot.Luan and come together, they pace a little amazing, too fast, and this habit has still to university.Students may ask ourselves always smiled and said get used to.Come together to recite to each other at any time that person might read the names of political, sometimes complain too hard, and too often talk about a certain teacher of vicious.For that recite feel really good, perhaps a little understanding of it!He remembered that he had once because down at the book, his eyes were hit with a bottle.Fortunately, nothing.Parents also said that two days will test a smashed head, really.At that time he is not how to think, there is no way it falls on, we can only wait for it to get better strategy.To the examination, and we are working very hard, literature is perhaps because the lights do not learn later that some arcane science of the mind to relax, right!Later, later sophomore quietly departed.Middle School, in the struggle to enrich learning life.To test the university, high school even harder.It could be great university teacher said.But now in college and I do not even know where it fortunately?But miss the third year.Middle School classroom where students are immersed in their own space crowded, and even books on the table that has blocked a small head.Middle School geography lesson impression seems too deep, I did not like teaching a teacher, though his knowledge is very good, but I still do not like.So when the class is always hard at doing their own thing, quietly listening to his exaggerated tone, but he was looking for on my poor na!Think of it is that their geography has always been poor, plus do not like his teaching, geography and thus finished.Normal.Perhaps this is a reminder to yourself to learn, every day.Remember there was a time for the bus to tidy things have not gone out of the classroom, that part of the memory bus is still clearly remember the crowded car, thick sweat, saying Middle School did not have the privilege to enjoy.Bid farewell to the tour bus, ushered in the heavy entrance.The pace of time faster than us, they have unwittingly sitting in the examination room inside.I remember when the hot weather a little too far, the examination room atmosphere as tense as war death.Khan, DC, go straight time, time seems to be no time to rest ah!Finally finished, and more relaxed mind, but very nervous when going to know the results.What not to say to their achievements.Now do well not to say it does not mean!I think.Today, we do not want to talk about it at that moment!They all want to keep it!Thinking, thinking, and high in everyone’s hard work in the past.High school, that time is very deep, and now is still very clear.Thinking back on it feeling ears echoed with everyone holding a political voice to recite information, think of it’m happy there is such a wonderful memory.Is not just old people often think of the previous thing?may be!He is now too old, always in remembrance in.When shouting at sister school mentees, that old people just can not ah!University saw a lot of different people, met a lot of different things, but we still miss high school struggle with the scene, working with joy.During that time I did not really want to retain that ability, only the memories in my heart, and slowly recall.Once, there was a time called the High School.I miss, miss.Today, we still remember that period lost in the fleeting memory of high school is called.


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