Loneliness of Youth’s Tail

The cold in spring will catch a cold if you don’t take care of it. Everyone walking on the edge of the twenties and sixties will be anxious and uneasy this season. Kerkor sent a text message saying that the recent spring movement will immediately harass her.   Think about not seeing him for a year and a half. After sleeping all night in midsummer 2011, I promised to visit my new house when I moved to it.. But unexpectedly broke his promise. Recently, he said that there would be a direct train to Daiyue. He wanted to come, but his father knew he was mentally ill and wouldn’t let him go out. I said, you sneak in. I’ll cook you hot pot at home. We’ll talk about the heart, the future and the youth we squandered.. He said, let me have a look.   Think about cob elder brother now must be dispirited and discouraged, completely without the publicity of the student age. In fact, I’m not much better. In those days, the young fenqing would work obediently in the system, and the dream of burning in the body slowly turned to ashes..   It’s life’s impermanence.     I thought I wouldn’t be willing to live a dull life. The impulses in my bones and romantic thoughts in my head will drive me to pursue extraordinary life experiences. Today, a person lies in an empty bedroom, mopping the glass, mopping the floor, cleaning the desk and wardrobe, or buying slippers, lovers’ cups and clothes hangers.. The goods are better than the three, bargaining like a housewife.   As a student, the craze slowly cooled down. Now, we just want to live a life where we buy food and cook together, drive around on weekends and save a small sum of money at the end of the month..   Meng Tingwei suddenly chose to marry and have children, enjoy worldly happiness, and marry and teach children when he entered the empty gate.. She only talked about one love affair in her life and never dated a boy before she was 35. Now, when talking about her family, she has a happy face.   The heart that has been drifting for a long time, once stopped, will never want to go again. So quietly, flatly lightly.   Hold your hand, and grow old together.     Recently, the stomach ache began to attack and the drop of wine could not be touched..   In the afternoon, the weather was good and a few people played after work.. At work for a year and a half, although he was as thin as ever, he somehow didn’t have a small belly and bounced so well..   I felt like I was back in my schooldays, with a relaxed face and no worries. Basketball has brought me much more than physical exercise. It has become my life. I can see the real me, just like words. I need them to remind me constantly that I am still young and don’t live like an old man..   Sometimes, maturity and always mean the same thing. People will eventually mature and grow old, but we can choose our mentality. Living young is not childish. If so, I’d rather be childish and be laughed at..   For a long time, I felt that giving up my academic career was the greatest tragedy of my life, so much so that I often felt that my life had no hope. However, I warned myself that no matter which road life takes, it will eventually lead to the same goal. Perhaps, the current road will be even more exciting.   So, I don’t complain, don’t care. Try to do a good job, adapt to society and love.   I have always believed that I will always meet someone who will make me unswervingly pursue secular happiness, and she will willingly accompany me through the ups and downs of life..   Honey, let’s go home!


When the external environment have anything touch you, remember to look inside


Road Tokyo return to Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s much warmer in winter than in Washington, Li Xuan finally took off his thick coat jacket.


You desire to achieve, and you will be taken away lease of life.”


Looking for horses