Out of the window

The scenery along the way flashed outside the window, shaking his eyes a little dizzy. I still don’t want to give up this rare viewing opportunity. I lean on the window with my arms resting on my cheeks and staring out the window at the beauty that is fleeting or even too late to store in my brain..     Due to work, ideas, economy and other reasons, I rarely travel far away, let alone travel far and wide. I especially love mountains, rivers, flowers and plants, so I have a special liking for famous mountains and rivers and exotic customs. Over time, I yearn for a poetic journey that will fly away from me.. I am often obsessed with the beautiful images of the desert and solitary smoke, the bridges in the south of the Yangtze River and the tops of snow-capped mountains.. At this point, looking out the window at the beauty that constantly flashes, my thoughts switch between different rhymes, and my dry heart gets some moisture..     For a scenery, or immersive, careful taste, or tour, taste, different ways of travel to obtain different emotional experiences. Melting into nature, walking through the trestle bridge between ropes, lingering in front of strange flowers and different grass, and wandering in the green hills and beautiful waters can not only appreciate the beauty of nature and obtain a strong visual impact, but also engrave this beautiful seal on the brain and internalize it into the bone marrow, thus creating a state of mind of unity of human and scenery.. I have always believed that plants and trees in nature have life, and as long as you calm down, you can communicate with them mentally.. Sometimes I get drunk somewhere and stay calm, as if I had become a grass, a tree, a mountain and a waterfall among them.. If you look at the scenery in a cursory way, although you can’t appreciate the essence of the scenery, you can get more visual enjoyment in a limited time. In the fast pace of modern life, this way is more favored by young people.. In the summer of 200 7., I went to Guangdong with my children, and during the 30 – hour train journey, my thoughts were almost on the children. Looking at the scenery outside the window once in a while really lightens some of the fatigue of the journey.. Outside the window, Chongqing’s mountains are steep and steep, with few vegetation and cloud tops. Hunan’s mountains are magnificent, vigorous and gentle, and the mountains are lush and green. The mountains of Guangxi appear suddenly from the ground, one here and one there, isolated from each other, with dangerous peaks standing upright, the mountains are limestone, the plants on the mountains are scattered and dangerous, like paintings by painters.. Now think of, still remember.     Some people say: when you are tired, go out for a relaxing trip! That means that a beautiful mood can be derived from a beautiful scenery. It is true that the ancients had long ago said that people close to Zhu Zhechi and those close to ink were black. This sentence illustrates the truth that the environment can affect people from a certain angle.. When the external environment is negative, people’s mood will get worse. When the external environment gives people a positive influence, people’s mood will become more relaxed. Therefore, more close to nature and more in harmony with the beauty of the body can make people feel happy and healthy..     It is certainly a good thing to be able to go out for a walk often, but not everyone can get it. For example, I have been entangled in trivial matters in my work for a long time. Today’s matter and tomorrow’s matter are endless. Some even joke that you are competent only if you are competent. Even this appreciation makes people laugh and cry. What should I do? Can’t complain all day and hurt your body? At this point, I believe more in the reason that the scenery is born from the heart, and only by adjusting my own mood well and exploring the beauty around me with pleasure.. The mood is beautiful, everything is beautiful.     Sitting by the window, the train was like a winding dragon passing through the mountains. Raindrops fell on the window and became glittering and translucent water curtains. Through the fuzzy window, everything outside the window was shrouded in mist and rain, some Wu beauty. At this point, the heart is clear and clean.     2015.7. 4 nights


When the external environment have anything touch you, remember to look inside


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You desire to achieve, and you will be taken away lease of life.”


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