Paper airplane in memory

One night, the child gave me a small square piece of paper and asked me to draw a picture for her. After thinking for a long time, I didn’t know what to draw and suddenly thought about it. I said, ” How about folding a paper airplane for you?”. The child nodded with a smile. It took me several minutes to patiently fold into a paper plane. She was about to give it to her, but she snatched it up and laughed and said it was really nice. Then conveniently a throw, paper plane along the cool breeze gently flew into the night. Looking at the paper planes that disappeared in the night sky, I couldn’t help thinking of my childhood, those days when I played with paper planes.     When I was a child, I grew up in the countryside. At that time, there was no decent school in the village. A group of children could only manage to go to school in a ruined temple.. Even so, those innocent pleasures of my childhood were not actually affected by the humble teaching environment. Because there are many games for us to choose from in the village, especially during the summer vacation, we go together in groups, sometimes catching fish and shrimps in the river, and sometimes picking eggs and cicadas in the trees…… And after unlimited play, I have developed a strong practical ability. I remember clearly that apart from going up the hill and down the ditch with a little wild children, I folded some paper crane, paper ships and paper planes with my playmates in the class.. Of course, the most popular is when counting origami planes.     At that time, our country was in the early 1980s and the rural economy was not very active. No asphalt roads, no computers, no private cars. However, there is a respected old village chief in the village who runs around and raises money in order to change the backward teaching environment in the village.. Finally, after unremitting efforts, our village finally has a brand-new two-story teaching building.     On a sunny day, we moved into a spacious and bright classroom. I don’t know the children in other villages, what kind of classroom they live in, but I always think that we are all lucky rural children. Years later, I also confirmed my point of view. As seen on TV, many children in mountain areas still do not have a decent classroom and a decent desk and chair so far..     There is a big pond just opposite our new teaching building. The water in the pond is as bright as a mirror and clear as a bottom.. The water gives birth to the rest of our village and feeds on it from generation to generation and continues everything.. In the face of clear water and blue sky, our naughty children still forgot their original intention and the teacher’s warning. During recess, several of our playmates always take part in the flight competition with various paper planes. In fact, they are trying to see who can throw the paper planes into the big pool, and because of this, I have left a disgraceful reputation in the village like ” bad children”.     Remember once, it was in the third grade of primary school. At the end of a mid-term exam, teachers were called by the principal to go to the office to mark papers. The children in the classroom are like wild horses on the grassland, enjoying their freedom crazily. Some are skipping rope, some are kicking keys, some are playing with glass beads. At my call, several of our playmates were excited to play with the paper airplane. We opened the window to see who could throw the paper airplane into the big pool.. Also, if anyone loses, he or she will bring home the delicious food to the school to share with everyone in school.. We are eager to try, throw one, then throw one, persevere and cycle back and forth. I remember a few of our children folding many paper planes, but no one had the strength to let the paper planes fly into the big pool and the competition did not compete. At that time, we were frustrated and very sorry. I really hope to grow up one day and have strong arms..     Spring to Qiu Lai, Four Seasons Magic Cycle. In a season when wheat is ripe, we graduated from primary school. On that day, all our male classmates helped the teacher in charge of the class to harvest the wheat and then came to the school to wait for a graduation photo or the classroom. The difference is that we are going to leave this morning and evening place this time.. Seriously, it’s a bit lonely. During the boring wait, I proposed to play off the paper plane again. Several playmates praised me for making a good suggestion. We were eager to try and do what we said and did..     As before, throw it out and immediately lower your head to fold another one. Fold and throw it again. Throw and fold it again. Intermittent, round and round. But this time, unlike before, we folded the two wings of the plane wide and the nose sharp and narrow. Listen to the children who are good at it. This is to reduce the wind resistance coefficient and make the plane fly farther.. On that day, we won’t win or lose. We race against time for fear that there will be no such atmosphere in the future.. One by one. One by one, most of the paper planes flew into the big pool, and a small part of them also crossed the whole big pool.. For the first time, we experienced the feeling of growing up and the freedom to grow up.     However, the good times are not long. Still remember, a painful lesson followed when the joy was not over.. The paper planes that flew into the pool brought us disaster. According to reports from villagers around us, several of our playboys are wanted in succession and have become a ” wanted man” in the village.The village cadres, the school teachers and our family leaders all taught us a lesson. A few of our children stood on the stage of the brigade, like fighting landlords, and were severely criticized once.. At last, the conference decided to let all parents salvage all the paper planes in the pool as soon as possible..     On the night after the criticism, my father made me kneel for a long time in a room without lights.. That night, the mice in the house kept running around me as if they wanted to attack me once. I was scared. However, I dare not say a word, hard kneeling, kneeling in tears until dawn.     After this incident, for a long time, I did not dare to go in the direction of Big Pool. This shadow has been hanging over my heart for many years. Until now, memories again, the in the mind is full of fright and terror.     Later. Go to school, work, get married, have children. Along the way, I felt like time was fast! The cycle of the moon’s teeth has not been counted yet, and the years have already peeled off the walls once upon a time.. The water in the pond has dried up and the heart that wants to fly has been hidden.     The memory of the paper plane and those old memories deeply stayed in my mind. Sometimes I want to miss it very much, sometimes I fear to miss it again.


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