Confusion in Middle Age

Time is moving slowly, moving so slowly that people can’t feel its movement. People are as old as this clock. Year after year, you can’t feel its speed.. But one day, you will suddenly be surprised, why don’t you feel middle – aged? So a kind of sad, a melancholy, a little lost then welled up in my mind.     In middle age, people have many physiological phenomena that have changed quietly: for example, their eyesight is getting weaker and weaker, their memory is worse than before, their hair is beginning to bald and whiten, their wrinkles are getting more and more deep, their skin is flabby, bags under the eyes are coming out, their crow’s feet are also on the corner of their eyes, and their functions in various aspects of the body are gradually declining. A kind of anxiety and uneasiness that is difficult to tell is quietly generated, and accompanied by the body’s fat, loss of appetite, inner confusion and loneliness always welled up in your mind, and you can’t undo this decline by any effort..     I’ve heard the name of such a campus song before called ” I’ll be old one day”. The song says, ” I’ll be old one day, and I can’t predict what kind of song will be. If that day comes, don’t worry too much. Will you just shake your head, ., think about whether you were funny before, and what flavor was in your heart when your white hair covered your brow.. Pay attention to what you should pay attention to, think about what you should think about, forget what you should forget, and get what you deserve. While you are not old now, you should create something. While you are young, try to find happiness.     The song is sung to students who are in their prime of life, and it also encourages young people who are wasting their time now, not cherishing their time and not cherishing their lives. The song is fresh and smooth, has enlightening and educational value, and is also thought provoking after listening to it..     Now, when I am no longer young like many middle-aged people and carefully savor this song, there is a feeling of helplessness, a sigh that comes to mind, and a feeling that youth is no longer there and people have reached middle age.. Think back to the once brilliant youth, the past years, and the memories left, and then think back to the passionate youth and infinite beautiful dreams sung in the songs.. Now I can only bury myself in the deepest part of my memory and no longer speak out. At the same time, the middle-aged time I dreamed of when I was young is not as gorgeous and brilliant as I dreamed, and I am more confused..   During the working hours, whenever I hear colleagues talk about who’s family and how their children are good and how they understand, I always take the first place in the exam, either as a monitor or as a member of the learning committee, and look at their children again, naughty or naughty, naughty or playful, causing a lot of brain damage, breaking my heart and even being called to school by the teacher every three to five.. Look at the classmates and friends all have houses and cars, and they have a successful career and a full life every day, but they worry about their work, their children’s study, and the insipidity of life. Some people sigh that middle age is the most difficult time for ordinary people in life.. It is true and true to dwell on these words carefully..     Compared with other people, money, honor and status, they do not have any of these things, even the interests and hobbies are few and far between.. It is true that hypertension, hyperglycemia, gastropathy and other diseases are not uncommon. After decades of work, what is left for me? In addition to disease, in addition to helplessness, it is also lost. There are also dreams buried in the heart that cannot be realized, and the sad feelings brought by career work. Up to now, this shadow still hangs over me, sometimes like a dull ache from illness.     At the same time, with the increase of age and the decrease of physical strength, I feel more and more unable to work.. I always feel that I have a feeling of being dependent on others and being ridiculed by young colleagues from time to time. I also worry about mistakes in my work and make the leaders dissatisfied.. In today’s age-old and knowledge-based era, middle-aged workers in enterprises are becoming less and less advantaged, and experience and work experience are being ignored like expired food, becoming less and less valuable.. In the face of young people’s burning momentum, energy, energy and other aspects know that they can’t beat them, but they still have swollen faces and fat faces to support them there.. In order to recover some of the advantages of middle-aged people. However, no matter how hard you try, you will still not be able to withstand the young offensive, and you will soon surrender and throw in the towel. A kind of epigenetic fear will be revealed when you refuse to accept it..     There is a saying that goes well: ” In spring there are flowers and autumn there are months, in summer there are cool winds and snow in the east.”. Yes, as long as they live in the real world, they can’t be free from worries, let alone middle-aged workers like us.. Parents on top and children on the bottom can only choose patience for the sake of life and family, even if they have troubles, but sometimes their hearts are always as miserable and oppressed as a stone..     In middle age, the most regrettable thing is the decrease and alienation of friends. Social contact is getting narrower and narrower, often regretting not making more friends when I was young, so now, except for colleagues who met at work and those who met for some reason, the rest are all strangers, and the comfort and warmth brought about by having friends are less and less.. Whenever I have leisure time, I feel a sense of loss that I have nothing to talk about and loneliness comes to my mind.     In middle age, even if the working family is still satisfied, the leisure time will feel the lack of color in life. In addition, the personal emotion has been replaced by family affection, and the personal emotion has become less important. Perhaps, in middle age, the emotion is the most helpless period and also the most boring period. In short, at this time, the once – turbulent emotion has been buried in the family and responsibility.. Although the emotion is bland, it still needs to be maintained diligently, because at this time the responsibility is greater than anything else, not for oneself, but for family members and children who are not hurt, and can only be wronged..     In middle age, most middle-aged people, like me, often focus on family life because their career has passed its peak and there is relatively little room for improvement, and they also have to take on the responsibility of adopting their fathers and sons. Therefore, they have no enthusiasm, no momentum or dedication in the past, and often turn a blind eye to their work and do not want to make progress.. Holding a mentality of not seeking meritorious service but seeking no excess, there are many middle-aged people around me with this mentality..     Of course, middle-aged people also have the characteristics of middle-aged people. For example, middle-aged people are not only mature, steady, restrained and indifferent, but also have a certain social status, strong sense of responsibility, considerate and rich in inner feelings.. In the face of unhappiness, you can always face it calmly, exercise self-restraint and self – adjustment, always find a way out, always manage your emotions, soothe your inner wounds and get out of the mire of troubles in time.. All these factors are not possessed by young people and cannot be realized.     Entering middle age is not useless, nor is it what I said above, with so much confusion and regret. At the age, because most middle-aged people have families and careers, they have no more worries and work is in a semi-retirement state. At this time, it is the true meaning of life to live and explore the value of life..     Let the middle-aged people like me be less confused and happier!


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