ell through, Wen will face the city people laugh!

  Now, Choi Chi Lu also took the old lady’s face, pre杭州桑拿ssing Wen Qingshan, asked him to seek explanation.
  Although Wen Qingshan be mad, though lujia not looked down on him, but this home land in the county is the first large, there are opportunities in the capital, Wen Qingshan even then angry, know that he is a few kilograms two, he was not in front of children, just like lujia fell.
  At the moment, even simmering a stomach gas, can only be endured.
  ”Choi Chi girl, Lu old lady’s good intentions, we no thanks, however, to the marriage, we can not promise.”
  Wen Qingshan not distressed daughter did not want her to marry a Pola Hu.
  In fact, Wen Qingshan now hated, is now Hu Wen Pearl and her daughter, because he felt that he completed the laughing stock of the whole town, complete with Hu are caused by temperature Pearl!
  If possible, he would prefer that the temperature of the Five 苏州夜网Pearl marry, let her eat bitter lifetime, forever may not stand up to do!
  But reason tells Wen Qingshan, he can not do.
  Zhang Five is a rogue, this point, Wen Qingshan than what people are clear that if the Five Winchester with a marginal, and it is not just the loss of a daughter so simple, the Five I am afraid he will be relied on to do the cop’s father , attracted to his countless troubles, they are likely to lose office!
  So, even now especially hate Wen Qingshan temperature Pearl, especially Budehaosi hope that she can not do that.
  At the moment, even offended home land, he must reject this marriage.
  Wen Qingshan know, the old lady to the landing on the red temperature Pearl matchmaker this child seems, Lu family’s attitude is also very obvious, lujia simply do not let warm soul mate Lu Pearl of the home.
  Now, Lu Wen Qin淡水桑拿gsh




  Boys and scratched his head, a little embarrassed to say: “That, I came to see you is to apologize yesterday but for 北京夜生活网me, you will not fall to.”He said, suddenly want to come close watch over the sleeping face, Dr Chung subconsciously step forward, Gushao Tang has been directly forward, raising his hand to block him, looked at him coldly.


Mo Xiao surprised a moment, quickly explained: “The father must not get me wrong, when Xiaguan been hit head injury, before all things are forgottenmore!


nd he said, “This maid told me a long time, take care of you in the Chuang Tzu, I rest assured, not to mention, since I am willing to let you live in Zhuangzi, naturally I believe you reading consciousness, she followed me there was assured.”