Suzi and did not care for him, directly linked, by the way once and for all shut the machine.He went out by the smoke, sighed, and turned back to the house.Tang Junsheng side vent has been finished, his eyes red with rabbit-like.

Suzi and said: “Call me a late Cen.”

Tang Junsheng quiet for a moment, hoarse voice, said: “He admitted it?”

Suzi and said: “No, he showed quite unexpected.”

Tang Junsheng then sneer of contempt, said: “By now lie was a good actor.”

Suzi and did not speak.Tang Junsheng down on the bed, eyes closed think back to their time together in the past, what has happened, everything seems to be the same as yesterday.

Former university graduation day, he was trapped with his Ferris wheel in.He looked up to see themselves piteously, said he was afraid, regard themselves as straw; Xitang in the bar, he smiled and called his brother born, the tease yourself at a loss; on the streets of Otaru, pulled himself hand late Cen.He lowered his head a little shy, but let him pull himself forward by.

Tang Junsheng that sincere feelings between them, did not think all is fake, Cen late to myself never used it really.His self-deprecating smile, a kind of feeling of being fooled.

I quietly for a moment, I suddenly heard the door bang bang burst beat, as if the demolition team came like.


ell through, Wen will face the city people laugh!


aid: “Mother ah, I give you any more Rokuro sum of brush and ink costs, you let him come to my side to help me write it.By the way, or so good, the money will not give up, I looked back to苏州夜网 help him buy a wife?”


However, Zhao Wei Tong know Chen diving on their own have confidence, she also has the trust of Chen diving, but that trust only to a certain extent, and that they are not in daily life, although each meeting is like an old friend as, but not on the other side understand very thorough.


Yi Deng, he threw himself on the bed, humming refused up.