The boss said several times, I’m sorry, he turned to leave.
  Lu Jiu people come in to open the box, which is money.After point too, is not a small sum.Be regarded as compensation for that meal times at noon in front of the.
  Lu seventy-one foot point of these bills, “This is called not in the habit rehabilitated fruit, here tearing jade lock ~~~~”
  ”What are you trying to say?”Lu Jiu not see light readings, people put money away, such as the text Xiaoya back to sign, even if the land into the house to go to a charity.
  Lu seventy-one did not explain, “said my intention is epiphany, meaning here Well, that is to say that the boss for his usual indulgence and gullible money to pay myself.Jade locks are ripped, is not regarded as bankruptcy misfortunes ah?”
  Lu Jiu Although not originally know this sentence is there, but listen to know the small ancestors joking, “Well, you quickly let Zhang Yun side of the suppliers do not embarrass people referred boss.”
  Lu seventy-one waved his hand, “social, obedient listening child, put a message over there so quickly handed the boss ears, showing that understand what I mean.Otherwise, if he said that out, that is no reason not to offend me?”
  This response came Jiu Lu, co-author of the small ancestors always said, to starve the hotel, it is discounted.And that sensible, is the key.
  ”In other words, if the owner does not come now, tomorrow is really no supply, but he came, he would have supply, is not it?”Jiu Lu asked.
  Lu seventy-one nod, “the People’s Bank in the world,




  Boys and scratched his head, a little embarrassed to say: “That, I came to see you is to apologize yesterday but for 北京夜生活网me, you will not fall to.”He said, suddenly want to come close watch over the sleeping face, Dr Chung subconsciously step forward, Gushao Tang has been directly forward, raising his hand to block him, looked at him coldly.


Mo Xiao surprised a moment, quickly explained: “The father must not get me wrong, when Xiaguan been hit head injury, before all things are forgottenmore!


nd he said, “This maid told me a long time, take care of you in the Chuang Tzu, I rest assured, not to mention, since I am willing to let you live in Zhuangzi, naturally I believe you reading consciousness, she followed me there was assured.”