Clown dream ducklings

Gaga Ga, a small duck, its yellow body, the mouth is flat, at its head, there are a handful of hair, disorderly, like a nameless on the land, grow a bunch weed.One day, people saw a duck street performers, holding a long flute, aligned lips that end, then on the issue of graceful flute music.Ducks think: This is too simple, do nothing, as long as the alignment of the lips on the line Xiaodong.It bounced home, told his mother that this dream.Mom smiled and said: children, now playing the flute performers in the world how many people ah!Ducks Sidongfeidong nodded, left, and again, duck saw a star in concert, they sing and dance on stage, that shakes a corner, everyone applauded.Ducks want: I want to be a star.It home, it’s the idea of the mother.Mom said to it: children, ah, you want to be the star easily?Ducks stunned for a moment, and walked away.Third, duck saw a clown, clown on the stage laughing, grimacing, tell jokes, we hear laughing Kaka Lo.Ducks thought: I have to become a clown, put everyone amused laugh.Duck home, and Mama and my mother said: baby, in the end what you want to do?Ducks clenched his fist and said: I’m going to be a clown, and the same!Mother duck duck looked at, did not speak again.Ducks to start a clown, clown it mimics the way, first took a cherry, dig a hole, set in the nose, and then painted colors on the eyes.It went to the river, the ducks on the lake said: Hello, everyone, I tell you a joke, was once a seat, in the mountains there was a temple ducks listened for a moment, then shouted: not funny!Then he walks, the duck got busy chase, only to hit the foot of the stone, fell a wrestle.ED also a joke duck wild boar, wild boar that was not funny father, sent packing with a broom to duck a duck dejected home, my mother see that look of the thing, they comfort: child, it does not matter!Ducks nodded and said: It seems that I was not fit to be a clown, I still do their best to do it my duck!Looked at the mother duck duck, Ya Mama’s face satisfied smile.


ell through, Wen will face the city people laugh!


aid: “Mother ah, I give you any more Rokuro sum of brush and ink costs, you let him come to my side to help me write it.By the way, or so good, the money will not give up, I looked back to苏州夜网 help him buy a wife?”


However, Zhao Wei Tong know Chen diving on their own have confidence, she also has the trust of Chen diving, but that trust only to a certain extent, and that they are not in daily life, although each meeting is like an old friend as, but not on the other side understand very thorough.


Yi Deng, he threw himself on the bed, humming refused up.