Cliff Adventures

Three o’clock, Luo Lian-fu Weill Division drove through Seattle, Washington, home to Adapa Presley.He was thirty-three years old, is the Aerospace engineer, when his wife and daughter are still sleeping in their own homes.Craig Parsley twenty-five, environmental engineering technician, when he got up gingerly, for fear of waking the wife.They began to breakfast, one side of the discussion that day – Plan May 14, 1983 in.One of Xifeng they are ready to climb Terengganu Feldberg, that’s Cascade Mountains in a famous but not steep rock, located in the east of Seattle.For them, it was just a routine of climbing it, so do not tell the exact whereabouts of his wife.Parsley when they take the truck to the mountains, spoke about the importance of protecting the physical and mental health.Two of them have years of experience in mountaineering.Vail Division in mid-1979 to bring their families to the United States before, had been acting as difficult mountain rescue team members.Parsley is a California man, already in the sport when the ninth grade.Upon arrival at the mountains, the sky overcast, the temperature was Celsius.Though not the ideal situation, but they decided to carry on as scheduled, I hope the weather will not turn for the worse.They climb over rocks, through gullies, walk the three kilometers to climb locations.8 o’clock, they will divide themselves tied at both ends of the rope and began climbing eight hundred-meter-high granite wall.This rock can be made up to an altitude of 1492 meters peak.Parsley open in front, can find the way to take the place of hand foot, Shangpan the fifty meters long rope that is a.He fired several loop tack nailed in the crevice – Large flat staple eye – the rope fastened to penetrate, and then call start Division Vail.Vail Secretary to the rear of highly Parsley, replaced by his leading open.Throughout the morning, they take turns open.Rock slope average seventy degrees, and leaning on the walls of houses of similar steep ladder.Vail Division Listen to your breathing, watch for signs of fatigue.The more his climb, the more relaxed and happy.It’s raining.Bit by bit at first, then more than torrential.Vail Division worried: If the rain prodigiously, they must go back.11 am, they climbed up about half of the rock.Vail was open Division.He clinging to the rock, Parsley eighteen meters higher.He sewn into a number two rings tied around a shoulder-length line, this thing is like the size of a small coin, there may be strings of a ring.If the card is stable, which emboli can withstand two hundred thirty kilograms of weight, but feel that at Vail Division crevice seems shaky, so ready to bend over at the feet seems better placed in a slot a larger number three bolt.At this point, only to hear snapped, a loose bolt II.He immediately lost his balance and shouted careful!After Bianxiang overturned, upside down, and scrub and hit the ground falling.He instinctively surprise twist, rotate the foot of the head and tried to grab what.Parsley saw a friend fall, heard his cry.When Vail Division fell about forty meters, ie approximately twice their original distance, Parsley make every effort to hold himself steady, I thought: I have to stand a Den that violently, his fall potential stopped.But the rope taut, bone strength that made him sound of a Den will he pull off a cliff.He dive fall, wanted to hand stopped falling trend, palms scrape.Vail Division once again by the high-speed slides down to the rock, and the rock wall next to the body only slightly.He thought: I do not know whether the death uncomfortable.Parsley also like Vail Division as the body turned into the head of the foot posture.He hit a small ledge, driven to the body like a rag doll-like rotating over, became upside down posture fall.What he encountered on a smooth wall of what they catch, several fingers dragged out of joint.Vail Division also tried to stop the fall.He’s standing on the right foot a narrow ledge, but curved legs, did not occur in the body fall arrest action.He looked below, and saw a large ledge, about fifteen centimeters wide, I thought: This is the last chance.He rammed ledge with his right knee, slowing fall speed, the hands and thus to cling to the ledge.He looked at the foot vacant, I saw is a one hundred fifty meters high vertical cliff, is a small pool at the wall.Vail Division eyes closed, waiting for a Den that inevitably, then, given Parsley falling body will he pull away from the present location to make him fall in the pool.Den but it was a vicious never came, just silence, then I heard the sound of Hutong.Vail Secretary looked up and saw Parsley hanging by one arm in a ledge.It was a miracle.Parsley caught a finger thickness of the rock, branches stuck out, his body suddenly turned upside down and suddenly stopped.He leaned right arm hanging in there, I feel waves of pain, know already broken scapula.He took out the nail head with his left hand a ring, inserted into a crevice full of moss, then hammer a nail into the whole, and then they nailed one, then the seat buckle hanging on the nail ring, turn security Fortunately, the seat belt buckle hanging.At this time, Vail Division has climbed up to his office ledge, with single-handedly hold steady the body, remove the plug from the sling fired several rings in the past, set in a small stable in the crevice.These two people climbing to settle down temporarily, but they are in a rock shelf cliffs, cliffs fell fifty-story, quasi-certain death..Vail Division felt pain in his right leg, I could not help shouting aloud.He saw blood oozing from his knees, put shorts torn, Alarmed by bones and ligaments are exposed to mountain.Also poking a vamp uneven bones.I have broken my leg!He cried to Parsley.Parsley borrowed rope to Vail Division there, Vail Division see each other this injury is more severe than he.Parsley addition scapula fracture, the two wrist and ankle fractures are also.Right ankle bones Chuochu socks, full of bloody and covered with dust.Inflection at right ankle, but still bleeding.Pass by using the band fastened below the knee, the blood will stop.Ware Division coat was removed from some headache pills, and several pieces, each serving Parsley.It seems the situation is very bad.It was still raining, at night the temperature will drop below freezing.Even long after their wives would expect them to go home and have no idea of where they.If they stay on the wall, you will freeze to death or died of blood loss.I now go on, Vail Division Parsley said to the truck, you can use a CB radio call for help.Vail Division will fasten a rope apron by Parsley him down a long rope.But at the end of the cliff, he had let down six times as long drop.He passed through one end of a rope loop tack cycloalkyl, tied the other end of the body, the body foot push off the rock, let down down down.When the rope runs out, he will temporarily anchored himself on the wall, then ripped off the ropes, ready to drop redo let down.He’s got a bad leg pain, every swing back foot touches the rock, all the pain he suffocated.After two and a half hours, and finally down to the cliffs Vail Division at.He staggered to travel, to go from a height previously saw the pool, will face immersed in water satisfied its thirst.The following is a steep slope.He had to cross your leg, and back down the other leg with both hands, like a crab-like crawl on rocks slope.After the tree down to the line, the slope slow, inconvenient to the hand stays.He wanted twig as a crutch, but he found not too rotten branches, could not support his weight, is too young, can not be folded down from the tree.Vail Division towing leg with the other foot jump ahead.His greatest fear is to put the good leg and cutting.He fell repeatedly, each time cried out in pain.He worried about fainted, if unconscious, it will probably freeze to death.His mind only remembered one thing: Do not give up.keep going.Good leg began to cramp, the number of falls become more frequent.He resolved to false doctrine floating down the stream, but the water potential unexpected urgent, in order to reduce speed, he grazed his arm.Later, he used his right foot against the creek bank, slowly standing of.He scrambled to his feet and then jump forward, but on the slippery rocks fell and sprained his ankle good legs, till he fell to the ground side.He climbs up again, a step Britain advance.A few hours later, the time is almost dusk, the sky gradually darkened.Parsley began to feel numbness in the mountains, afraid there will be a phenomenon of hypothermia.He must not be sports.He, like Vail, like the Secretary, let them down slowly and painfully rock.When away from rock bottom short of three meters, the end result of tired and he fell down, till the moment he could not breathe.He could not walk, had to sit on a rocky hillside to slip below.Pants soon worn out, ass polished Pipoxueliu.After another down a long way, he changed to roll and crawl, every movement painful.But he knows that he must not obey hearts desire, close your eyes and rest.He thought of his wife.And he worked bloody knees crawling forward with the hand was not injured levered.But he was too tired when Vail Division near the road, the day is almost black, it is not their parking spot, he did not know he still has no strength to look for cars.Then he heard a truck approaching, he with one foot vertical jump, rush to the road, and shouted for help.Truck passed, because the windows are closed and the rain.A few minutes later, he heard a truck approaching, he cried out again, but the truck again hidden in darkness.When the third car coming, he has been sitting by the roadside, he bites do strength jumped up, shouted and waved.He stopped the car, four people down.We climb out of trouble, Vail Division gasped, my companion was still waiting to be rescued quickly hills.About an hour later, they arrived at the nearest town, Vail and other companies adhere to a set of rescue workers, in order to say to them the exact location of Mingpasili.Had done this, he let others take him to hospital.Night falls, the greater the woods of the rain.Parsley although with hand, foot and crept forward, but still could not nod doze.Unless he can make the body temperature rise, otherwise they would not survive the go.He gets to a hollow stump.And rain were not inside the tree and filled with dry sawdust.He took out a can of waterproof matches, then rub the one, ignited sawdust.Flames shot up, he took a break a few twigs into the fire Tim.Comfortable warmth, a very strong desire to want to close your eyes.Not work!There are voices warning in his ear, must stay awake.9 pm, he heard someone call his name: Craig, you’re up there you?I am here!He shouted answer.Rescuers found him at four hundred meters away from the road and found he had fallen into a slight state of shock.They fed him drink hot chocolate, with a sleeping bag sets from him, and beside him a few hot-water bottle stuffed.Then they carried away on a stretcher to him.Lasted long suffering, came to an end.Although Parsley’s injury was serious, but long-term problems caused by less than his friends.He lived for five days hospital, his legs and an arm in plaster for six weeks package.Doctors see him recover so quickly, surprised that he is a very lucky young man.But since then he gave up the sport climbing.After I do anything – not just two meters from the ground above the line.He says.However, he admitted that every time I see the towering peaks, there is always some nostalgic feelings.Vail Secretary injured leg better could cripple.Doctors warned he might never be able to climb again, if in the future be able to walk normally, you would be lucky.Vail Secretary felt unable to accept such inference.His best memories and best friends off attached mountains, can not break away from.After six months he can not stand crutches.Then he began to exercise, the body back to health.The spring of 1984, Vail Division of Dongpo climbed the peak altitude of 4418 meters Whitney.To recommend the latest information sauna


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