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Interpol captain Li Zhi first, under the leadership of the detection of the murder, arrest the murderer.But I did not expect the next day attended a killer but please work will allow Li Zhi first exceedingly confusing the way it is.Around at 16:10 on September 20, Tang Xixing bureau received a phone, urging him to hurry back, there are important things.Tang Xixing moment like boating lake is still less than the old school ashore, he rushed back to the bureau.Xiao Wu and other aides in his office door, he came to see not answer, went along with Secretary Zhao Yuanchao meeting rooms.Director Zhao early conference room sitting on sofa south, Interpol captain Li Zhi to sit on the east side of the couch, next to his assistant Luo tiger.Xiao Wu Tang Xixing and after the report hit the door closed the door of the conference room, they sat on the couch near the door.Director Zhao Qi, a human being, he cleared his throat, said: five minutes past four this afternoon received a report, a red source of science and technology research company indoor homicide occurred, the loss related to top secret material, as soon as you press the four previous packet rushed to the scene investigation, I’ll be right.Xiao Wu was surprised, I thought looked a Secretary: The Secretary is usually attend to the scene, and how today so he did not want to end, others had got up early and goes out, he also immediately following them.Red is the source of scientific and technological strength of the northern outskirts of the city, said the company on the surface, is actually carried out by the municipal science and technology research direct leadership over the years has made tremendous contributions to the development of the city.When the four arrived at the fifth floor of the Science and Technology Research team leader Li Zhi first made a simple division of labor, with the assistant Xiao Wu Tang Xixing survey floors and walls, bring their own assistants Luo tiger checking doors, windows and other places.Everything is the same as before, their cooperation is very understanding.As early as the bodies had been removed, leaving only a pool of blood on the ground, Li Zhi first squat body careful observation, Xiao Wu was standing next to observe the front wall, the wall clock display at this time is four fifty-nine, under the bell hung a gift cartons, like decorations, like the right to make up for the emptiness on the wall.When suddenly the bell rang five, will hear a slight abnormality, Xiao Wu Tang Xixing kick step onto the left, and he is at the same time flashed to the left, at this moment, a shot inside the carton wall dagger, from the middle of Xiao Wu Tang Xixing and fly, hit the opposite wall, fell to the ground.Director Zhao happened to the door, hand picked up a dagger to come together behind the inspector Wu Xue and asked: hurry to test.Then Li Zhi before and Luo tiger ran over.Concern Q: okay?Director Zhao unhesitatingly say: let the bodies I have to do a forensic dissection, and then you check, opening at 6 pm in Conference Room Case Analysis.Then he went away.After a child with captain Li Zhi Luo Hu first come, check it over?Let’s go back, you both have to hurry.Tang Xixing promised soon say: you first back, I’ll take a look.On the way back Xiao Wu said softly: Strange!The scene of the bodies have not been tested on forensic sent there; Director Zhao would not let us check the dagger, perhaps you can also see from the above point spider Sima track.Alas, Tangge, just thank you, but for that kick you, brothers lightest but also in the hospital, and now think really terrible ah.Well, you say it!You say do not blame blame Secretary?Interpol, the old, so how do things against the rules?Tang Xixing sullenly do not say anything, Xiao Wu also had to close the mouth.I rushed back to the bureau.Xiao Wu is Beijing Police Academy graduates assigned to the North-efficient city detective bureau after Interpol to young and old when the assistant Tang Xixing.Usually thought react quickly, if also more influenced by Tang Xixing three months of very hard on investigators.He arrived, Director Zhao personally presided over the case will be analyzed.First reported by the captain to Zhi: no signs seen from inspection windows, thereby determining the main entrance of the killer from.Other places did not find any trace.Tang Xixing he went on to say: blood on the floor and leave together, no splash-like, indicating that the murderer is very cruel, is restricted duty after the hand.Just then, pay up inspection reports.The first is the autopsy report: stab wounds, in the middle of the heart; no signs of second knife.Time of death was about three in the afternoon fortieth.Twenty-six dead, height 1.74 meters, like basketball.Blood gushed from her chest, wearing a white lab coat penetrate the deceased.The second is the inspection reports dagger: no fingerprints, is a common dagger made Wuhan.After reading the report, Tang Xixing went on to say: the murderer bold, familiar with mechanical principles.And good use of mechanical principles set organs.Next, we will discuss.The main conclusions: (1) a trained killer.(2) audacious; (3) anti-reconnaissance particularly high; (4) Height 1.1 to 78 m.Between 82 meters, force, powerful.Are talking about the political commissar Fu Zhifang come forward, nod and say hello, and sat next to Director Zhao.Director Zhao Xiao Wu looked while listening.Then he began: too strange, the murderer is when people go to work, building high-traffic nowadays hand, also set up offices, which requires much time it!Does the company have an internal source of red question.He put it inside a heavy word.And Director Zhao eyes never left the face when speaking.Director Zhao would have found him watching himself.At this very angry and said: case analysis is the analysis, we can say their views, but to heavy evidence, not just suspect it, doubt it.Breath and said: Do not see a tattered peasant to buy a TV, you should suspect that his money was stolen, robbed?Investigators to re evidence.Director Zhao these few words were too heavy.Having also read the first one next to the political commissar Fu Zhifang, light eyes with elusive.Political commissar will not say just look back at a glance.After a silence, Director Zhao summarized and layout: We have just analyzed are very reasonable, but the most important thing is to find the evidence to solve the case as soon as possible.Superiors also attaches great importance to this case, limited to fifteen days to solve the case.This can not be considered a long time, but they can not say it short, I hope you strive to complete the task.Research by the Committee Bureau decision: Luo Li captain with a tiger from the secret investigation, Xiao Wu Tang Xixing with daylight detection.The bureau if there are other events, will be tasked to you at any time.Time, heavy task, I hope you play to everyone’s intelligence turn in a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.If you have any report found that at any time, and more deliberation, and more coordination.Then in earnest: Comrade Li Zhi first, you do Criminal Investigation 17 years, breaking a number of important cases, we have achieved a lot.This time you do not live up to the great trust of the Board may appoint your way!Comrade Tang Xixing you are the backbone of the bureau, on the one hand efforts to solve the case, on the other hand to train more young people, so we’ll bureau talented people, successors ah!Having sought advice about the political commissar, adjourned the meeting.Then it was discovered in the room sitting in the conference room there is also the former Secretary, Comrade Lin Aiguo.Director Zhao and say hello to the old political commissar of the Secretary, the three went out together.






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